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Post complaints here.
I'd rather you didn't

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
you can join discord what is the issue?

here discord link >
Lemme spell it out.There is a SCREEN ERROR.The invite is invalid.When I click the blue button on the invite screen,it leads me to a screen that says"Something is going on here*.
My PROOF of invalidity.

(2019-05-17, 12:28 AM)Monyta Wrote: My PROOF of invalidity.

Yea, even links that you select 'never to expire' expire, i've had that problem with my server too, but no need to make a big deal over it, just simply ask for a new invite link explaining the old one expired.

Here ya go

Edit: Just tested the link in chat and it still works for me?
huh, weird.
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
(2019-05-17, 12:28 AM)Monyta Wrote: My PROOF of invalidity.

well i have checked and you are certainly not banned

here another invite link  >
Both are NOT valid.
(2019-05-18, 07:37 PM)Monyta Wrote: Both are NOT valid.

Well, do you go by any other username?

Because they're valid for me, so only you are having this trouble.
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
I am ZaydenM142 on Discord.So no.
(2019-05-18, 09:58 PM)Monyta Wrote: I am ZaydenM142 on Discord.So no.

Oh, zay. No wonder you can't get on

You keep making alt accounts no matter how many times you get banned..
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
Ah,letz just bid and forget this Discord thing.

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