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It's been suggested that we have shorter rules for a while now, because let's face it, Nobody really reads the huge list, they scan it or skip it because it's long and daunting, and because of that there are several rules broken, which ends up with alot of drama, so I'm suggesting a much shorter list of rules - 

Main Rules

1. - Keep chat / your profile PG. (Child Friendly)

2. - English only in global chat, only speak the language assigned to each chat.

3. - No baiting or harassing, block a player if you can not be civil with them.

4. - If a mod says drop it, drop it. If you wish to argue, take it to pms.

5. - Only spam/roleplay in random chat.

6 - Do not advertise or request trade/sells in this chat.

7. - No posting links or discussing games not related to this site, that includes youtube and other media sites.

8. - No giving out personal info.

Trade Chat

1. - Keep this chat for trade/sell advertisements only. Use random for discussions and negotiations.

Random chat

1. - You may do anything here as long as it is PG and doesn't harass players.

Guild Recruitment

1. - Keep this chat for guild related advertisements/discussions only.


The main rules i removed were the ones repeating themselves, there are many that can be summed up by just saying 'keep chat pg.'
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Thanks Making it 
just adding few Modification 
Rule 6 can be Modified as 
-No talking about competitive games like different RPGs also advertising any game/youtube channel etc not allowed therefore do not post any weird links.

add a few, 
1-no talking about drugs/alcohol etc!.
2-speak language assigned to each chat.(in context of local chat channel like turkish, spanish etc)
3-clan recruiting chat-talk related to/about clans.

Awaiting other players suggestions too.
Do Spend few seconds of typing in which you spends hours on here!
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I just glanced over it, but here are some thoughts.

For Main:
#2 is redundant with #1. It may be combined.

For Trade Chat:
1. - Keep this chat for trade/sell advertisements only. Use random for discussions and negotiations.

The current wording says they can do trade discussions in global.
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cI know without a doubt my device was on automatic the whole time, which is because I was in that area/attended a convention that whole week. For days before and after Nov 2nd. I went to many panels, friend meetups, and airplane flights that ya know, would require having the time correct and on automatic. I think I would have noticed if the time was wrong if I had missed a lunch reservation with friends, world cup matches, or even missed a flight.

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