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Just tried to evolve two freshly captured Casoon pokemon, At night for good measure.

According to their Pokedex page ( they should evolve into Duskox. On both occasions however I received Beautifly, which should evolve from Silcoon.

In addition to this on all related evolution pages there are two additional entries for Wurmple -> Silcoon -> Beautifly. Bringing the total to three.

For specific log checks, if needed, these are the two Casoon's I evolved.
Now as Beautifly's.

Caught a Silcoon for good measure, which also evolved into Beautifly.

Previous two caught at Boxing Path (R: 298), and just caught another one at Guardian's Route (R: 312) which again evoled into Beautifly.

Not really possible to get a screenshot. The notice "Your Pokémon successfully transformed into Beautifly Pokémon!" doesn't show up until AFTER evolving, but its the evolution that is the issue.
That link to Cascoon pokedex takes me to Bulbasaur.
(2014-08-18, 09:57 PM)MalvagioDemente Wrote: That link to Cascoon pokedex takes me to Bulbasaur.

Seems to redirect to Bulbasaur for some reason, entry #1.
If I copy paste the link, rather than click on it, it opens normally... Weird.

If it does redirect to Bulba, changing the 1 to 268 also works.

Quick Update.
Was finally able to get a Duskox, but only by capturing a Lv38 Wurmple, evolving it to Casoon, then to Duskox while still at level 38.

Siloon's can evolve to Beautifly at level 39. This makes me wonder if the two share the same coding, so at 39+ Casoon's are also evolving into Beautifly's when they shouldn't be able to, since that is reserved for Silcoon.
I wonder if this means a level 38 Silcoon will evolve into Duskox? Haven't tested it however.
yes i will add another parameter at next update so it will be easy to transform
Work off the page.

Wurmple > Silcoon is listed 3 times btw.
(2014-08-19, 07:38 PM)MalvagioDemente Wrote: Work off the page.

Wurmple > Silcoon is listed 3 times btw.

yes however only visual issue it is not important

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