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Blau's Hunting Guide
Hello and welcome, to the long and eagerly awaited
Hunting Guide

In this guide i will provide you basic and advanced knowledge on hunting.

So let's start with the 


Before going on a hunt, you want to stock up the following items.
Arcanums :
[Image: minorarcanum.png]Minor Arcanum [Image: greatarcanum.png]Great Arcanum [Image: widearcanum.png]Wide Arcanum [Image: ultimatearcanum.png]Ultimate Arcanum
Arcanums restore the MP(Move points) of your Pokemon, you want the ultimate ones, but all will do.
Revives :
 [Image: halfrevive.png]Half Revive  [Image: perfectrevive.png]Perfect Revive  [Image: ultimaterevive.png]Ultimate revive
Revives, well they revive your fainted Pokemon.
best would be either Perfect Revive (fully revives a single pokemon) or Ultimate Revives (fully restore all fainted Pokemon)
But any will do.
Potions :
[Image: minorpotion.png]Minor Potion[Image: regularpotion.png]Regular Potion[Image: healingpotion.png]Healing Potion[Image: megapotion.png]Mega Potion[Image: tastypotion.png]Tasty Potion[Image: ultrapotion.png]Ultra Potion[Image: perfectpotion.png]Perfect Potion[Image: ultimatepotion.png]Ultimate Potion
You want either the Perfect Potion (fully heals your Pokemon)
or the Ultimate Potion(fully heals HP and status problems)
But any will do.
Serums :
[Image: accuracyserum.png]Accuracy Serum[Image: attackserum.png]Attack Serum[Image: criticalserum.png]Critical Serum[Image: defenseserum.png]Defense Serum[Image: evasionserum.png]Evasion Serum[Image: spattackserum.png]Sp.Atk Serum[Image: spdefenseserum.png]Sp.Def Serum[Image: speedserum.png]Speed Serum
Serums increase the respective stat by 2 during the battle, the boost will stay even when your pokemon faints.
Probably the most important Serum is the Evasion Serum, it will make your Pokemon harder to hit.
There are also cheaper Pill variants of the Serums, but those only increase the stat by 1.
Pills :
[Image: burningpill.png]Burning Pill[Image: confusionpill.png]Confusion Pill[Image: frostpill.png]Frost Pill[Image: paralyzepill.png]Paralyze Pill[Image: poisonpill.png]Poison Pill[Image: sleepingpill.png]Sleeping Pill[Image: statuspill.png]Status Pill
Pills cure their respective Status Problems. If you don't carry Ultimate Potions, you want a couple of those.
Pokeballs :
[Image: extremeball.png]Extreme Ball (catches pokemon guaranteed if HP is 2% and below)
[Image: masterball.png]Master Ball (catches pokemon guaranteed. However you still need to hit the certain HP% requirements)
The Rods : 
[Image: oldrod.png]Old Rod[Image: goodrod.png]Good Rod[Image: superrod.png]Super Rod
For some Pokemon you need to fish, and some require better rods, note that the better the rod, the higher the lvl you will encounter the Pokemon.
The HMs :
[Image: Flying.png]Fly [Image: Water.png]Hyper Surf
Fly enables fast traveling, to the already visited maps, and for some Pokemon you need to Surf on water.
Both are also required to progress in the game sooner or later.
Attractive Player :
[Image: attractiveplayer.png]
Attractive Player doubles the encounter chance, turning every step on Grass and while fishing into an encounter, however, this will not guarantee encounters in Caves, on water or on clouds.

Locations and Prey

Basically there are 4 classes you will find during your hunts.
1.Everything below Ultra-Rare
2.Ultra-Rare they get slight stat boosts in the wild and have an encounter chance of 0.05% per step.
3.Legendaries get a big stat boost in the wild and have a 0.04% encounter chance per step.
4.Shinies, not only that shinies have 25% higher stats than their non shiny version, they also get a rdidiculous amount of stat boosts in the wild, on top they have a 0.01% encounter chance per step, which equals 1:10.000 per step.
I highly suggest you to at least lvl your pokemon to 70+ before going for legends +
It's not necessarily needed, but it will save you some items and frustration.

There are 5 kind of surfaces in the game :
[Image: 2r5gorp.png] [Image: 2iixvmu.png]

probably the best area to hunt for Pokemon, with Attractive Player you will encounter a Pokemon per step, which will make it a bit easier and less of a pain.
[Image: 1pxu2s.png] [Image: 2aqpmc.png]

in caves and on water the Attractive Player comes into effect, but like explained before, it doesn't provide a 100%encounter chance, which means you are not guaranteed to encounter a Pokemon per step. 
[Image: 2dvmwxj.png] [Image: vhytls.png]

same as with the caves, additionally water areas can either be surfed on, or being fished.

[Image: vo0mly.png] [Image: do01lw.png]

only found in Zone 15 basically the same as Water and Caves.

On every surface that is not grass, i'd advise you to use the Arrows on the right side of the screen to move.For walking with "WASD" or the arrow keys, won't work that fast, because you're not guaranteed to encounter a Pokemon per step.
So set the steps to 9 and use the Arrows on the right side to move.
Like this :

[Image: f0x4wi.png] =>[Image: e6db4n.png]

How to Fish :

Get close to water.
Exactly the very edge infront of it.
[Image: 2hggs92.png]

Once you're there, click either of the rod icons, or the button 1-2-3
for regular - good - super rod respectively

Finding your Prey

To see where the Pokemon of your choice is catchable, you need to check the Dex Page, you can do it via 2 things 
The PokeDex, which can be accessed via the [Image: monsterdex.png]Pokedex icon in the bottom bar of the game or by visiting the PokeDex via the "misc menu"
[Image: 2uzq800.png]
To see on what level the Pokemon is or if there's a Pokemon, you can check the map via the Map-Icon [Image: map.png]in the bottom left corner of the game screen.
To see where your wanted prey is, check it's Dex entry and furthermore, click on "display more" to check the best map for it.

[Image: 333cxs3.png]

You may think about going for the highest lvl location of that pokemon, but that isn't necessarily the best, you might want to check if on one of those maps, there is another pokemon which interests you, or if you combine hunting with EV-training etc, search for the best suited spot for you Smile
[Image: 2vteg3l.png]

However, if you still want to go for the Highest lvl, just see which is the highest map, the higher the zones, the higher the average lvl.
There now are Pop-Ups preventing you from accidentally running from Ultra-Rare, Legendary and Shiny.
So spam he R button ( R is the hotkey for the run command) 

Also bear in Mind that there now are Event-Maps having Starters / Legendaries and Shinies.
A Map with a Shiny event basically means 2shinies on one map, they last exactly 1 hour.
Event Shinies have a 0.05% chance.
Event Shiny Legendaries have a 0.03% chance.
So they are far easier to encounter, it's worth hunting in events.

[Image: 2r7n4eg.png]

Additionally there now are colored frames of an encounter, indicating the Pokemon's class.
the colors are :
Common = White
Uncommon = Green
Rare = Blue
Ultra-Rare = Purple 
Legendary = Red
Shiny = Orange 

[Image: 2bekw3.png]

With that being said, let's get down to the actual hunt.

The Hunt

Preperations :
1.A trained and fairly lvled team.
2.False Swipers
3.A good Wall, preferably a Radiation wall.

False Swiper :

A false swiper is a Pokemon, which knows the move "False Swipe", i will lest the in my opinion best ones :
[Image: 123-Scyther.png][Image: 212-Scizor.png][Image: 8212-Mega-Scizor.png]
Scyther / Scizor and Mega Scizor got the Ability "technician" which raises the power of Moves with 60 or less Dmg, therefore boosting False Swipe. On top Scizor and Mega Scizor provide a good bulk along with high atk, therefore false swiping like a beast.
[Image: 674-Pancham.png][Image: 675-Pangoro.png]
Well pancham and pangoro have the ability "beyond type"
allowing them to False Swipe Ghost types, so for a Hunt for ghosts, definetely take one of these with you.
[Image: 681-Aegislash.png][Image: 4120-Aegislash-Shield.png]
Well Aegislash and it's Shield form, can false swipe Pokemon with normal type recoil moves, like beldum.
Therefore preventing them from fainting, while giving you the luxury to false swipe without risks, which of these ones you want depends on whether you like it safe (aegislash shield) or more offensive (aegislash)
[Image: 303-Mawile.png][Image: 8303-Mega-Mawile.png]
For hunting Dragons with Dragon type recoil moves like outrage you want mawile, since the fairy type makes it immune, just like ghost is immune to normal type attacks.
[Image: 445-Garchomp.png][Image: 8445-Mega-Garchomp.png]
Garchomp / Mega-Garchomp, those are excellent false swipers for Pokemon with the "regenerator" ability.
Both Garchomp-evolutions got the radiation ability, therefore it counters the regenerator one,
with regenerator healing 10% per turn 
and radiation doing 10% damage.
Therefore you are free to false swipe them, without the need to inflict burn / toxic before.
Unnecessary to mention, that both garchomp evo's have an excellent Attack stat, with mega garchomp being slower, but overall bulkier.
Note : Only use it on regenerator pokemon, using it on expert regenerator or natural heal mons won't work.
Natural Heal healing 5% per turn radiation 10% means in th eattempt to false swipe it, you would faint it.
Expert regen. heals 15% per turn radiation only doing 10%. 
Apllying a status on that, would result in the same scenario as with the natural healing ones.
So use the status effect bleed on those Smile

[Image: 286-Breloom.png]
Breloom is a good "all rounder"
The Advantage is, Perfect Body + Regenerator allowing to safely False Swipe pokemon like Eevee with "Radiation" ability.
Move Expert is additionally great cause same as with Scizor, it boosts the power of False Swipe.
Due to it's prevo Shrromish being able to learn "Spore" you can put the wild mons to sleep to make the whole process a lot easier. (Note : That status move's doing 1dmg so do not use Spore once you sucessfully false swip'ed)

[Image: 151-Mew.png][Image: 8149-Mega-Mew.png]
What is there to say about Mew & Mega-Mew
If you were unofrtunate enough to get a Physical Mew, and then have the needed pocket money to mega it, Go ahead.
Expert Regen + Perfect Body + 100 base defenses and HP making it a bulk. An incredible hughe movepool, with enough possibilities to boost either your ATK or Defenses, makes it all the more usefull, especially once mega'd.
Nothing too fancy about Mew, except that it can basically learn enough Status Effects to deal with every occasion etc.
So basically if you're in need for a really safe way to false swipe regular non Expert Regenerator / Regenerator mons, Mew gives you just that.

Good Walls :

I will only list 3 walls, the reason why is because they are obtainable pretty early in the game, and perform good later on aswell, with shuckle still beeing a fair bit better.
[Image: 213-Shuckle.png]
Shuckle provides beast defenses, on top having Regenerator / Radiation / and Perfect Body, making it an optimal wall.
It can spam status effects, provides a natural 10% damage per turn because of radiation, and can take many hits Smile
[Image: 227-Skarmory.png]
Although, shuckle is by far the better option, skarmory got the regenerator and radiation ability aswell, and comes with good resistance, on top it can learn fly, so making it a good hunting mon because you can use it and have fly on a hunting pokemon aswell.

The Secret Weapon :

On your hunt, you will come across boosted Pokemon, which not only have expert regenerator but also perfect body, making status effects futile.
For that occasion, there is :
[Image: 302-Sableye.png][Image: 8302-Mega-Sableye.png]
Sable eye has thanks to his dark typing, a complete resistance to the famous shiny mewtwo.
The Mega Evo comes in with a fairly high defense and sp.def aswell, on top sableye has radiation on top.
The trick is to use it's foul play attack.
Foul Play uses the Attack stat of the opposing pokemon, means an incredibly boosted Shiny Mewtwo for example, get's a good taste of his own power, while sableye being immune to his attacks, has to fear nothing.
That is thanks to the lvl up movepool of shiny mewtwo, which leaves him with only one damaging psychic type move.
There are various other tactics, but when you want it safe and effective, use it.

The Fight

So basically, during a battle with a boosted pokemon, you want to even the chances, means either boost your wall with the serums, and keep reviving it in the process, or weaken the enemy by using stat reducing moves.
The best is to start by increasing your evasion to make the enemy more likely to miss.
Then if no perfect body is given, you want to reduce the enemy's health by using moves like 
toxic wrap etc, which inflict status moves on the enemy pokemon.
Be careful not to faint it with the status moves!
If the enemys pokemon has regenerator or expert regenerator, you want to inflict either toxic or burn + bleeding.
If it's a pokemon you can easily handle, you want to prepare the opposing pokemon for your false swiper.
if you have a pokemon with a normal type recoil move you can either 
1.) let it rduce it's HP on it's own
2.) use aegislash so you can false swipe like you want it Big Grin

Skill Swap

[Image: 2a9d6ci.png]

Now, that's a way to reduce difficulty on every shiny. 
Skill swap is a move, that swaps abilities. 
Means, if you have a Shiny with expert regenerator and/ or Perfect Body, you can use a Pokemon with more useless abilities and swap them.
Means the opposing Pokemon looses what makes it hard.
You can status spam it, and it won't regenerate 15% every turn 

Excellent Skill Swapers are :

[Image: 92-Gastly.png]
Ghastly. Sp.Atk Novice, Ground immunity, Venomous.

[Image: 203-Girafarig.png]
Girafarrig. Sleep immunity, Cringe immunity, Grass immunity.

[Image: 325-Spoink.png]
Spoink. Fire immunity, Ice immunity, Confusion immunity.

The Catch 

For that you need to pay attention to several thing.
1.Common 100%
2.Uncommon 90%
3.Rare 80%
4.Ultra-Rare 75%
5.Legendary 70%
6.Shiny 60%

You need to lower the certain classes HP to the shown amount of % to be able to throw a Pokeball.
If you have a False Swiper and you manage to get the HP to 1 you can throw an Extremeball, otherwise i would suggest to hit the respective percentage and throw a masterball (legend+)

With that being said, let's follow with the Counter 

The Counter 

First off : the Counter wasn't implemented to make hunting easier, it is a counter measurement.
1.It won't leave you empty handed when you run from an Shiny or whatever.
2.It's meant to somewhat counter the so called "droughts"
those are parts of your hunting, in which you won't find anything for a really long time.

How does it work ?

Well it actually is pretty simple.
For each 3 encounters, you get 1 on the Counter.
Means with all 3 Pokemon you find, you will raise the number on the counter by 1. It doesn't matter whether you fight those, or if you run from them.

Note : it only works while surfing and walking, fishing for Shinies (using the rods) won't increase the counter !

What does it do ?

Well, for each hit Counter you will get an 100% base increase of the encounter chance.
400counters for Ultra-Rare
1250counters for Legendaries
10000counters for Shinies
note the 3:1 rule
means the actual ENCOUNTERS you need to do, to get the bonus on the counter are :
1200encounters for Ultra-Rare
3750encounters for Legendaries
30000encounters for Shinies

It will provide a 100% base increase for one of these 3 Classes.
for example 
if your counter is 10.000 which would be x1 for shinies
the chance of finding one will be increased by 100% of the base chance which would be 0.01% ( 1 / 10.000)
so with a 1x counter, you would have a 0.02%chance of finding one 
on a 2x counter you would have a 0.03% chance
For several Pokemon of the same class on the map, only one will get boosted, not all.
On a map with 2 Legends, where only one will get the boost, it will be a 0.12% overall chance
because 0.04+(0.04+0.04)(base increase of the counter)= 0.12
which leaves the boosted legend with a higher chance to appear than the not boosted one.

How long does it stay ?

The counter will only reset, once you enter battle with one of the 3 classes

Of course the counter will only reset upon entering the battle with the respective class, 
Entering a battle with a Shiny won't reset the other 2 for example.

So make sure you have a team that can handle the battle to not waste your chance [Image: tongue.gif]

For the official explanation and thread check out this link
->Official Thread

M30 - Galliant
ty another great thread
are we able to see the counter?
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great thread! definitely helps me a lot!! Big Grin
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Charizard Rules

[Image: latest?cb=20120724210625&path-prefix=protagonist]
Additional Useful False Swipers added.

M30 - Galliant
those added one's are gonna be important for me
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*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
wow blau its the best man
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Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

thank you

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Superb work as per usual for the gawwy we all know and love, thanks I learned a thing or two here Smile  (And all the pictures everywhere, too much more and you might as well call this an art gallery :3)
- Updated -

Skill swap strat added.

Still needs to be adjusted to current encounter rates etc.

M30 - Galliant
looks good. this is the #1 go to guide for hunting Big Grin ton of work put into it
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]

Skill swappers added.
How to fish added.
Adjusted to newest changes.

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