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Atrocious trainer balance
This problem has been around for years and I don't know why or how it hasn't been addressed by now. In either the first or second zone, there comes a point where you have level 20 mons and the mons in the grass are level 15. You come across a mandatory trainer with a level 40 or 50 castform. It would take literally days or weeks of killing level 15s to get up to level 40 or 50. I originally quit when I came across this, came back and quit again when I remembered it. Luckily, the 3rd time I was complaining about it and thankfully I was traded a mon to get through it, but thats the only way you could possibly get through...

Flash forward, more over leveled castforms start showing up at inappropriate and unreachable levels.

now I'm in the ground area, the gym had level 50-70 and the pokemon in the grass are level 43...and what does the mandatory trainer have blocking the next zone? Level 99 legendary. Do you know how many weeks it would take to get a team to level 90s killing level 40s? Even with being traded 2 legendaries at level 80s I still am losing to this trainer..

I just don't understand, was this not tested by a developer? Because it is immediately obvious that this game is not possible to progress through solo in a reasonable amount of time. Which made me really sad because I didn't want to buy pokemon until I had beaten the game

Completely re-balance all the trainers who have inappropriately leveled mons, heck I'm willing to do it for you if you send me a trainer spreadsheet or something like that.


Make the overpowered trainers not mandatory, because as it stands a lot of them are required to progress
Krigiris ill help u pm me
мертвая душа
I did it. I didn't do trades until I had dozen of level 100s.
Grinding is easy.
Only  took me like 4, 5 days from beginning game to my first level 100, getting through zone 7 (first zone with legends)
I just recently joined myself and grinding out levels without trades was not that difficult.  If anything gyms/zones 6-16 need to be upped to at least the annoyance of gyms/zones of 17-19. The firt 16 zones are so easy that even a decent non shiny sweeper can on shot them all for which lvl grinding would not take that long.  Even a really bad sweeper for pvp can usually handle the first 16 zones.
It has been adressed, and also been fixed.
This is more of a re-occurence than a "it is still around".

However, you don't even need to grind or have all lvl 100s to beat most things.

The thing is, people rely too heavily on stats and Lvls.
While this is not meant as a "y'all are noobs, git gud."
It is a more or less basic thing people need to understand sooner or later on here, so, don't take the following things as a Personal attack or trash talking your playstyle etc.

As you all know by now, this isn't the original game. Furthermore, it's an MMO
Meant to stretch the duration of your playtime, by various means, difficulty for example.(i do agree tho, that the castforms in zones below 7 needs adjustments)
So always keep that in mind.

So, let's continue with actual help on how to beat those Pokemon.
Castforms in specific, have mostly high damage, low accuracy moves, that can easily be exploited, by either increasing your evasion, or decreasing their accuracy stat.
As to Levels and HP etc.
It all is obsolete for walls like shuckle.
Shuckle has radiation, means to bleed and to poison a Pokemon. 
That leads to 35% HP loss each turn.
With either voting and gaining 100k, or getting the 6hour boost, you get plenty of money for revives and serums.
Serums increase a stat(for example evasion) by +2 for the duration of the battle.
The clue behind that is, items always go first.
But even more importantly, even after the Pokemon died in battle, the stat increase remains, so Reviving it means, it'll come back with the buff.

Now, if you combine that with a wall like shuckle, you can beat every and all Pokemon which don't have both - Expert Regenerator AND Perfect Body-.

Hope that also helps other People struggling, cause getting high lvl stuff trades, ultimately only hurts your experience and kills your learning curve (:

Tl; DR : Yes, should get balanced, but certainly far from being OP or unbeatable.

M30 - Galliant
yes this is an error

hopefully at this update re-assigning of pokemon on the maps will fix it

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