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Add ability to fly to map from detailed features page
Good morning,

I think it would be a small but great quality of life change to see the ability to fly to a map from that maps detailed features page.

As an example, let's use ( Hi, Blastoise! )

My suggestion would be to add a button somewhere on this page that would let you instantly fly to this page, if you had a pokemon with the Fly ability.

With that said, is there a technical limitation to why we need to click on a flying poke and then the Fly ability on the main game page? ( ). Would be nice to just have the fly button up constantly.

This comes from my experience of having Fly on my Charizard and then switching it to Delibird... I constantly click on Charizard first and then Delibird and then fly. Again, just a small QOL change, but I think it would have a positive impact.
I support this one Big Grin

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