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Ability: Accelerator Error
There is something wrong with this ability because speed doesn't go up if your pokemon killed the enemy pokemon with the first move it used. The ability only activates if the first move you used doesn't kill the pokemon.

Whenever your first hit kills the pokemon your opponent sent then it won't activate and whenever it doesn't then it will activate.

Screenshot1: Here I am battling NPC and using my pokemon which has Accelerator. I haven't yet picked my move and this is the beginning.

[Image: 2efksg5.png]

Screenshot2: Here I killed the first pokemon with my first turn. My speed didn't go up. (PS: the opponent pokemon Goomy has ability Speed Decreaser which is why my speed went down so please ignore)

[Image: f9kp6w.png]

Screenshot3: Now I picked a move to purposely not kill the next pokemon and as you can see my speed went up because the first move didn't kill this pokemon.

[Image: oktpbl.png]

Conclusion: The ability doesn't work whenever a pokemon OHKO the opponent on first click. Every time I pick a move then it should be counted as a turn
i reported no1 fixed it

later sent pm to cef.  as well but no reply
bookmarked will check later
is it fixed or still happens?

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