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in pokemon pets, there are 2 hms you can use on the map: fly and surf.
do the other hms not matter?
 well there's one hm that can easily be implemented.
Enter HM05: Flash.
 Heres how it could work. there's a dawn/dusk system in the game. when it's night, it gets darker. but when you use flash, the screen is lit up for 5000 steps or until you enter a different route. then you have to use flash again. the only execptions are gyms, starfall, and the fire zone.
pretty simple. please implement!
others hms are used as moves and thats fine since game dont have things which require other hms . its as the maps are

Just incase u think u can getting a mod by creating 50 threads here and thats why making so many threads let me tell u  50 threads at other gaming forums u need to make to  advertise this  not use this
im not trying to do that im just pitching in ideas GEEZ Dodgy
Not a bad idea, but sadly, ppets lacks "adventure"; lacks quests; lacks reason for such features to exist... sad...
Quests have been demanded for years, but CeF refuses to add something that requires effort.
"Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips." - Proverbs 27:2
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cef's probably just lazy, a 2 year old could beat his team.
but that's beside the point...

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