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well right now im stuck in the dark gym the pokemon power is WAYYY to overpowerd a rotom 1 shots all my pokemon even my shuckle and shiny groudon :/
I think what you need is like a "teacher". Someone who can help you get to the point you want to get.
Help with builds, help with tactics, etc.
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(2015-09-20, 08:39 PM)Cpt. Obvious Wrote: I think what you need is like a "teacher". Someone who can help you get to the point you want to get.
Help with builds, help with tactics, etc.

hmm yea thx
yes that what we all needCool
So my friend has been using Caterpie 63/106 which has a Poke-Power called Pupate which states:

"Once during your turn (before your attack) if Caterpie is your Active Pokemon, you may flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a card that evolves from Caterpie and put it onto Caterpie. (This counts as evolving Caterpie.) Shuffle your deck afterward. This power can't be used if Caterpie is effected by a Special Condition."

So he always uses this Caterpie (sometimes on his very first turn of the game, which I thought you couldn't do) and use Pupate. So when he flips Heads he will always evolve straight to Butterfree. His arguement is that bufferfree is in fact a Pokemon that evolves from Caterpie. However I don't feel this is legal. For one, you can never evolve on your first turn of the game. Also, Butterfree does not evolve from Caterpie. Butterfree evolves from Metapod.

Another question is that he has a Metapod (47/106) that does the exact same pokemon power. So if he was to evolve his caterpie into metapod, would he be allowed to use Metapod's poke-power to evolve to butterfree all in a single turn?
interesting, thanks
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