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how to transform pokrmon
servine Offline
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Shocked how to transform pokrmon
guys i am making a simple thread about how to transform pokemon (i know almost everyone know how to evolve pokemon but there r still some new player who don't know)
at first u have to click in my team ( check this
and then click in transform pokemon ( check this
and then u can evolve pokemon
but if u have to evolve the pokemon with stone then buy the gem and go to my item then use the gem on the selected pokemon
comment here if u like the thread Smile
there is also another way : at first click in profile ( ) (note : u will only have to keep the mouse in "profile" )
and then click here : ( )
i always belive in me. and i will always belive in u if u don't break my trust
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12-23-2015 01:48 AM
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RE: how to transform pokrmon
01-02-2016 07:42 PM
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