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hey tutorial video of game
hey cefurkan  you told to make a tutorial video of game so i made now make me a super chat master a per you told [youtube]6-XqigXkHcg[/youtube]
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
good keep it up
He said a professional tutorial :p

Your tutorial doesn't even have audio, he said that tutorial should be made by a fluent english speaking person Big Grin
nothing happens an error appeared or i would made more long
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
I think u have to practice for typing
but in th teven i said check in home page  for more information so it inludes everything in hhome page

yes viresh but did you like the video
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
i can edit it
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
its good

but bad luck i dint follow cef rules
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
only rewards will be given who prepares video series that covers all these and properly produced

all of this has to be displayed how to reach, everything on those pages what is what
think as someone who has 0 idea what are those

abilities and ability system
how to use avatars, custom avatar
where to get game banners
battle result page : how to choose moves and what info displayed at that page: everything
battle page for both pvp , npc and wild monsters : how to use moves, items, pokeballs , switch pokemon : everything
blocked users page
buy/sell item from bazaar
buy/sell item from market
buy/sell/trade monster at the market
how to make trade offer remove etc everything
how to contact us : pm to me and our contacts page
our credits page
email verification system : explain detailed both link url or input code - check spam folder mark as not spam
how to play on facebook, facebook application page
deviantart twitter facebook google pages
for parents page
gamemaps page explanation
game routes search route page
main game screen and everything on that screen please
chat screen details and usage like location how to offer pvp quickly send pm etc everything
how to play page
how to login again and use browser save password feature
how to recover password
how to use manage items page and how to transfrom from that page
how to use manage monsters storage
how to heal team
how to use maps page
how to use route details page
videos page where to watch other videos
how to use private message system all details pm system outbox sentbox filters block etc
how to use pokedex monsterdex , monster details everything there detailed filterings etc
how to use forum
how to check global monster trade history - the ones that shows legendary etc trades
natures and nature system where to find etc
npc history screen
online players page
search player page
moves page
privacy policy
user profile page
settings page
pvp board
pvp offer
how to do pvp
required exp per level
see user all pokemon monster
how to transform monster pokemon
how to reset moves
how to use useful items such as reivew increase mp or teach moves etc
how to vote
how to surf and fly and teach those
stat calculator page and how to use
top trainers system and how it works etc
how to use forum check faq ask thread become 2 post member and 5 post member to post thread
how to use type chart check them etc
how to vote
game mechanics such as iv ev system, everything you use at battles

how to move
how to catch
what are the buildings there for ?
how to collect badges
How to change team

What's important ?
what are good options for the start ?
Hunting :
how to hunt ?
what's important ? stat boost and hp %
How to handle x situation - per body + expert regen / per body etc.
false swipers
catch rate calculation / best balls to use in what situation
Maps :
Zones-how many / how many maps
important zones like 5 and 15 where you need hms to get further
Gyms :
Where ?
How to beat ?
how to set up your team properly
Best Ways :
How to Lvl fast / how to vote
How to get quick money
where to get Fly / Surf, how to use

Side tutorial :
How to do event x
how to get a registered player on the forums
how to open your own threads
first of all notepad used videos are so amateur
so is it waste

is tht video tht i made is tht waste
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
Cef i will try my best.
Good Tutorial.
[Image: NocqWMV.jpg]
still room for improvement Wink
So great

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