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elite 4 in the last city
all pokemon games need an elite4! you need an ultimate challenge before the major story line ends!
I agree on adding an Elite 4.  Many players come due to their love of the handheld games, which end with defeating the Elite 4 and the Champion.  Maybe the Champion could be an actual player... which would add a new pvp mechanic.
not a bad idea honestly seems that would be great for new players to train to do and even people now would love it
It'd be cool
i really like this idea and i think it would be prefect addition to the 20th zone, more suggestions coming up later ^^

ideas for the system : players pvp each other and the winner is the champion, if a player is inactive for 1 week another champion will be automaticly selected. the champion must not refuse any pvps or he will lose his title as champion and replaced by another trainer
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If anything it should be zone 20. Maybe something like victory road.
"Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

 - Karen of the Johto Elite Four
We could have an Elite 4, npc trainers, all of the top difficulty, then The Champion, a title help by a single player...

The Champion could function similar to arena leaders when battled as a cpu controlled team, with good rewards and maybe a similar badge type of thing...

To claim the title must be a human vs human battle, i think special rules should be in place but no real ideas on that part yet.

A contingency plan for if The Champion is inactive for a certain period of time (SeaQueen suggested 1 week) then a new champion is automatically crowned... i think some sort of list of candidates should be held for who would replace in that situation.

Also suggested by SeaQueen is the inability to decline pvp challenges, but i would limit it to a special "Challenge the Champion" type of battle, i support the idea and also suggest that "becoming The Champion" is optional, especially for the inactivity replacement...

Many people are suggesting Victory Road for a 20th zone, a good idea, making the Elite 4 and The Champion basically the arena for the zone...

It would add a Nintendo Pokemon game staple that is missing to the game, as well as new content for players at end-game level, and the ever important PvP addition...

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome and wanted, if anyone thinks this is a good idea, please reply and show cef we want this!
All.ideas  are good 
I belive all elitr 4 +champ all should be playwr.vs player

Playwrs get somw title .on badge on beating those 5

Actually similar.idea is already comi g in pvp thread of lets see if cef considers
Yup, both of that is already somewhat covered by the bigger suggestions made.

While the last zone as per my suggestion wouldn't have  a 5battle row other than those is regular gyms, the colloseums would prove absolute top notch difficulty and are in numbers,  4.

Respective thread can be found by clicking HERE

Relating to the PvP aspect of it, there also is an idea suggested implemented special event accounts of sorts. ( as one way of doing it).

Every game I've been on had game masters which had a special game master account, besides their regular one.

So saying if you get PvP Leader, you're held to at least spend 1 hr a day on it or something along those lines to accept challenges, without turning this game more work than fun.

Respective  thread to that is > THIS WAY

It'll probably be a good idea to check out both of those suggestion threads.

M30 - Galliant
I like.all of these ideas so far Smilereally looking forward for challenges in pvp hops something fun  and challenging for me.comes
i really think this will get the game super active, to get it ppl would have to get to the last zone, and i agree on getting all badges to unlock the 20th zone so ppl don't try to skip through everything. and when there is a champion, but he and other players will have to work hard to keep/get it, for compitive players this would be a great idea, you'd have to hunt hard to get good pokemon and gym hard to fix/mega them, so it would be a challenge for them and keep players active ^^
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will be good combo with zone 20th :p
We would have to choose four (maybe 5 different types each member will represent) like elite four member 1 would be a rock type trainer.
"Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

 - Karen of the Johto Elite Four
The reason behind 5 different types would be because of the champion (although an actual player).
"Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites."

 - Karen of the Johto Elite Four
this is cool as some people said,it should be player vs. player
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If cef makes zone 20 no pokemon type is their so you can put a elite 4 and a champion but whoever wins is not the champ you get some thing like items or gold like 1mill-20mill so the player whos the champ whood have to give their gold
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