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Special 18 badge reward
so, there's alot of players. but most players, not even kunn, have gotten all 18 (tell me if im wrong) badges. so it's super special when you do.
then... nothing.
why not give them a super special legendary as a reward? it's not like you do anything with badges, anyways.
yea, you're wrong.

1. there are 19 badges

2. kunn and I and multible players have all 19

3. Badges increase your rank therefore already a reward you could say
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
rofl yeah there is 19 badges and kunn sea kane, juliomg, chentex and only few others got 19th badges
they don't have time to get all badges + there is a badge reset everytime .
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