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Reward Shop
How does Reward Shop System Work

1: You can spend the medals you have earned in referral system or guild wars system to get awesome rewards in reward shop page:

2: The reference system gives you Gold Medals [Image: gold_medal_24.png] (GM)  
Guild Wars system gives you Silver Medals [Image: silver_medal_24.png] (SM)  
Daily Login will give you 1 Silver Medal [Image: silver_medal_24.png]

3: You can get Level 60 and full IV/Nature reward box Pokemon by spending both Gold and Silver medals. But the ones that you get with Silver will be account bound (no trade, no sell, no turn to basic form only if mega class)

4: To get a reward Pokemon, enter Pokemon ID or name to the below search box and click bring details button. Then you will see get reward Pokemon with both Gold or Silver Medals

[Image: reward_pokemon_interface_by_monstermmorpg-dbh4cr8.png]

5: In addition to reward Pokemon, each Gold Medal can be used to get 5m (5,000,000) gold reward

6: You can get 100% EXP and Gold boost from all battles with just spending 1 Gold Medal or 5 Silver Medals

[Image: claim_gold_exp_reward_interface_by_monst...bh4c0d.png]

7: Warning! If you use mega gem on an account-bound Pokemon, you can not get back your gem again! 

8: You can not replace or return back the reward Pokemon once you get the reward
player like reword pokemon for mega them but i don't think anyone would like do make them into mega because it cost too much let me explain 

1 gold medal = 5m so why should i use medal for mega if i can mega them by gold 
i can get ultra rare at 8 medals but for mega i need 15 medals lol means 35m more ? but mega gems cost only 2.5m
for legendary cost 10 medals to mega it i need 15 more medals woo means 75m why 
for M-S-L i need 900m thinks about it cef 

i thinks you should work on this list 
[1] Common: 1 Medal 
[2] Uncommon: 2 Medals 
[3] Rare: 4 Medals 
[4] Ultra Rare: 8 Medals 
[5] Legendary: 10 Medals 
[6] Starter: 10 Medals 
[7] Mega: 9 Medals 
[8] Mega Legendary: 12 Medals 
[9] Shiny: 30 Medals 
[10] Shiny Legendary: 60 Medals 
[11] Mega Shiny: 40 Medals 
[12] Mega Shiny Legendary: 100 Medals

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