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Pokemon Drawings!
Hi all! I decided that I'm going to be starting a Pokemon drawing service! How this works is I will draw ANY Pokemon you want for u and head it with a cool signature using any caption you want or your user! I can draw up to 3 Pokemon on this page for you and have it finished in up to one day to one month (due to school). This unfortunately WONT BE FREE, it will cost you 10 million gold OR 1 shiny Pokemon. Also, if you would like a special background it will cost an extra 5 million. I will post the final picture on this thread when its finished and I will also sent u an in game PM of the link once its finished. NOTE I will only draw one picture at a time, so if I'm already busy there will be a wait. If you are in the LOLZZ guild and want a drawing please notify me for a special guild member discount!

Currently Drawing: Kunn ~~ Totodile & Azumarill eating a fancy dinner kissing with Delphox watching sadly
People Waiting: Kane001~~ Pikachu (with bow) and Dianeas (see jordanqv's art on DeviantArt) with romantic scenery // Zap 10 ~~ Victini Blowing up the world
Finished Art
[Image: WIN_20170802_13_09_23_Pro.jpg]               [Image: WIN_20170802_10_45_21_Pro.jpg]
[Image: WIN_20170802_18_52_40_Pro.jpg][Image: WIN_20170803_20_10_41_Pro.jpg][Image: WIN_20170806_14_50_52_Pro.jpg][Image: WIN_20170807_10_31_04_Pro.jpg]

[Image: zuy2wk.jpg]
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Nice service! I'll think on asking you some maybe, since I know you are in need of some gold Big Grin I love Shiny Umbreon BTW and Latios.

UPDATE: My profile http://www. Big Grin
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I'll take a picture of a victini blowing up the world ?
[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
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(08-06-2017, 05:25 PM)zap10 Wrote: I'll take a picture of a victini blowing up the world ?

lol ok ill add u on wait list...
This has gone from cute and innocent to torturing people >.>
[Image: ezgif-4-580c54941a.png]
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(08-25-2017, 11:29 PM)SeaQueen Wrote: This has gone from cute and innocent to torturing people >.>

agreed... but I'm getting gold out of it :P

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