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Pokemon Card Challenge!
Hey guys! I just wanted to see if any of u were interested in pokemon cards so I'm making a challenge! All you have to do is post a comment down below with a picture of your cards. Please don't take an image off the internet and remember this is just for fun. So lets get started.
[Image: pmPBJtqKj][Image: pm8CK7Uhj]
[Image: pmjVhY3Gj][Image: pnMJFojjj]
[Image: pogXbERvj][Image: po79NGAlj]
[Image: pnL1uvLdj][Image: pmfX5Nwgj]
[Image: pniavLcFj][Image: pmOo3qGuj]
[Image: pmelpiYRj][Image: pmpTe91Mj]
[Image: poqHU0XVj][Image: pnyf0179j]
[Image: pmtHkvSEj][Image: poHER9e3j]
[Image: pnnuYDU3j][Image: pmkHUL3Qp]
nice collection. if i can find mine, i will try and post them. mine are all from like the first set thou
maybe i lost my cards Sad
[Image: DSC01955.jpg]
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I've got 2 binders full of old pokecards....... somewhere in storage... lol
[Image: ezgif-4-580c54941a.png]
(04-18-2017, 11:21 AM)sea2003main Wrote: I've got 2 binders full of old pokecards....... somewhere in storage... lol
lol seaqueen... that doesn't count if we cant see them Tongue
[img]file:///home/chronos/u-064103f95808a46f09c5e8824484eaac04ee54c0/Downloads/Screenshot%202018-04-04%20at%204.02.40%20PM.png[/img] here is my hyper rare charizard i pulled from burning shadows
I would post but then my sis might find out and my popularity will be at stake

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[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
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