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More ideas
These are kane001's ideas, just posting them for him -


Basically from wild pokemon battles, you would be able to pick up some type of gem, rarity based on what pokemon you fought, and use those gems to buy items for your character to wear on the map. 

"Drop chance of ruby, pearl, and diamond should very very be low. There should be three categories, A. Wings, B. Masks, horns, heads, etc.C. Accessories, like old man sticks, monocle, spectacles, binoculars, etc. From ultra rares we get C. diamond, from legendaries B.ruby/pearl (rubies are tougher and are for masks, while pearls are for horn/head stuff) and ]A. tanzanite from shinies and is for wings.Quantity number will decided on stuff itself ofc legendary mask/wings will be higher compare to non legendary And binocular will be higher then spectecales etc. drop chance should be 1/100k for tanzanite pearl diamond and 1/200k for Ruby. You will have to fight/catch pokemon to get it, and they will be notified if they got 1 after battle. They should non trade-able or sell-able and there should be a page for costume designing and exchanging crafty stuff with these gems. Hunting level will be there and you would have to unlock hunting level for using these gems."

And - [Image: Capture.png]
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]

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