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Hello :D
Hey all,
its been a long time since i last came here or played the game. How have you all been? Could someone fill me with what happened since the last time i was active till now. 

It seems like you guys need dz more than ever now Cool Big Grin
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  • joltiyon
Nothing big, A few chaotic moments and all but nothing really. Oh and Cef doesnt owe me anything :P

"If you ever quote me, I will rip your guts out. Got it? WHAT ARE YOU DOING! What's that you're typing? CAN YOU NOT? DO YOU HAVE TO WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN?! OH GOOD LORD YOU'RE GOING DOWN! NOOOOO DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
Lookie here, the semi-infamous DZ.
If you're heading back in, wb
If not, good to see the defeat against Croatia didn't kill the 'coming home'-spirit
If you can sleep, you can work too
welcome back dz

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