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Dooming Gym Of War(How to get in)
For further hires,I am putting requirements.
At least 2 Badges.
6+ Pokemon
Approval from me(Ask in this thread)
Team Chart(Updated when we get more members):
Zayden Aegislash(Me)
Once I have transferred all my pokemon to pokemon home I will have every pokemon except for 5 event pokemon ( Genesect, Meloetta, Hoopa, Volcanion, Zeraora). I am sad I will be so very close to finishing the pokedex but will never actually finish it. Hopefully they will pop up in sw/sh in the future.
There was a special episode (not sure if it was movie or ova) which was mainly pokemon dialogues and not much discussion, where Pikachu and some other pokemon were left on their own and there was a street with a pile of wheels where Houndour lived and at the end of it when they solved their issues with Houndour and returned to the trainers building Ash told Pikachu that they prepared a celebation for their anniversary together or something. I tried to find it on MyAnimeList but the database of pokemon is so large and it is confusing.

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