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Test Server
Information, Discussions And News About Test Server

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Test server version change logs
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Team donations!
2018-11-26, 08:44 AM
by dragonmaster11
All announcements about the game and forum.

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More than 30 days inactiv...
2019-03-10, 01:07 PM
by zaydenm142
Version Records
Game's Update Records List. Shows all the different versions of the game here.
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Version 4.0.0
2019-02-27, 07:25 AM
by CeFurkan
Frequently Asked Questions

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Forum rules, Chat rules, General Rules.

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Signature Rules
2014-07-02, 06:42 PM
by Dark.Zero
Forum Suggestions

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Yesterday, 05:40 PM
by ArielCaptchaLinkBot
Idea Development

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Important Suggestion: Inc...
2019-03-23, 11:50 PM
by zaydenm142
World News
News about the world can be posted here.

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poke movie 'mewtwo ka bad...
2018-10-21, 04:25 PM
by ARNAV5567
Post your game screenshots here.
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Daily Login Glitch
2019-02-07, 12:17 PM
by CeFurkan
Pokemon Pets
Information about the game and anything related to it.
General Discussions
Game related discussions are here.

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Pokemon Pets Ads

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In-Game Suggestions
Have a suggestion that could improve gaming? Show it here.

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Implemented Suggestions (Locked)

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Pokémon Requests From Artists
Post your requests for new Pokémon or Pokémon that need to be redrawn here.
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EX pokes
2019-03-17, 03:56 PM
by zaydenm142
Questions About the Game
If you have a question about how to play, ask us here.
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Guild Rules
2019-03-23, 08:56 PM
by zaydenm142
Introductions and Farewells
New to the game or leaving the game for a while? Tell us here.

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Personal Events
Threads: 27
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Holidays in a year
2019-03-23, 08:22 PM
by zaydenm142
Report A User
Reports about any rule violators can be posted here.

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Handled Reports (Locked)
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Don't worry,cef.I will re...
2019-03-23, 08:16 PM
by zaydenm142
In-Game Error Reports
If you find any errors inside the game, show them here so we can fix them.
Grammar Issues
If you find any grammar errors, post here.

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Grammar in chat
2019-03-10, 02:25 AM
by zaydenm142
Something weird happening in the game? Provide a screenshot.

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Threads: 132
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2019-03-23, 08:09 PM
by zaydenm142
Any lagging issues?

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What's a lag?
2019-03-23, 07:53 PM
by zaydenm142
Player vs. Player - PvP
Have a problem with the PVP system? Submit them here.

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PVP chat(Rank 4000 or hig...
2019-03-04, 12:46 AM
by zaydenm142
Mechanical Errors
If there is a problem with moves, stats, or anything else, this is the place for it.

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Move list
Stat issue

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Threads: 52
Posts: 218
2017-05-18, 08:52 AM
by kane001
Bugs & Errors Reports - Old Category - Locked For New Threads
Bugs & Errors Reports - Old Category - Locked For New Threads

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Community Zone
This is where tournaments, guilds, tips, etc. are hosted.
You are free to host teams for the game.
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Guide:How to get in"Train...
2019-03-23, 05:18 PM
by zaydenm142
Money, prizes, pvp battles!
Threads: 24
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Pokemon Pets Tournament
Yesterday, 01:31 PM
by zaydenm142
Trainer Tips
Have any tips to share? Well hurry up and share them.

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Competitive Strategies

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Threads: 91
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The Game
Yesterday, 01:03 AM
by zaydenm142
PVP Matches
Everyone can host matches against each other or see who is better.
Threads: 3
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Training Ground Of Pokes ...
2019-03-23, 07:27 PM
by zaydenm142
General Chat
Tired of the in-game chat? You can use this space to chat.
Threads: 40
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bmjvbjmvjjgb vbjmvjm vjb
2019-03-23, 10:59 PM
by zaydenm142
Pokémon Ratings
If you want to have ratings on your Pokémon, post here.
Threads: 4
Posts: 25
2019-03-23, 07:16 PM
by zaydenm142
The Market
Advertise what you have in the market.
Pokémon Bazaar
Advertise your sales or ask to buy Pokémon.
Threads: 27
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Looking for a specific Pokémon? Ask here.
Threads: 18
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Arceus-Ice:Trading for lu...
2019-03-10, 03:02 AM
by zaydenm142
Item Bazaar
Advertise your sales or ask to buy items.
Threads: 3
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Selling Amulet Coins
2017-03-10, 12:17 AM
by ILuvEevee
Auction House
Place your bids on Pokémon.
Threads: 19
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Auction on commons to rar...
2019-03-17, 01:24 AM
by zaydenm142
User Services
Threads: 35
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Auction tickets service
2019-03-23, 04:37 PM
by zaydenm142
Game Mechanics
Information about the game mechanics are here.
Threads: 3
Posts: 17
2017-02-03, 01:35 AM
by Shadowbrine
Threads: 1
Posts: 3
2015-07-14, 03:43 PM
by CeFurkan
EV Points or IV Points
Effort Values , Individual Values systems
Threads: 1
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ev points
2017-04-05, 11:14 AM
by pratham
Threads: 2
Posts: 6
2015-07-14, 03:49 PM
by CeFurkan
Threads: 1
Posts: 9
2017-08-24, 10:04 AM
by SkylaGamingFEA
Threads: 6
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Shiny Mega Lunala Needed
2017-03-04, 07:30 PM
by Evangelion
Threads: 2
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crazy abilies and madness...
2015-08-07, 03:39 PM
by Magic..
Pokemon Discussions
Feel free to talk about Pokemon here.

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Official Pokemon Games
Friend Codes
Threads: 12
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Pokemon Card Challenge!
2018-04-05, 03:08 PM
by zap10
Nintendo Discussions
Feel free to talk about Nintendo's features or products.

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Pokemon X and Y arguments...
2019-03-23, 08:01 PM
by zaydenm142
Off-Topic General Chat
Chat about anything that is non-related game material here.

Sub Forums:

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Threads: 9
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2019-03-23, 07:05 PM
by zaydenm142
If you want to share a youtube video, this is the place.

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Threads: 10
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top 10 legends
2018-03-14, 06:52 PM
by BerryHunter098
Forum Games
Games that aren't related to Pokemon Pets can be hosted here.
Random Games
Random games to ease your boredom.

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Count to 100,000,000
2017-08-27, 06:54 AM
by GurvinderS1666
A fan of roleplaying? Enjoy it here.

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Pokemon Roleplaying
2019-03-09, 07:16 PM
by zaydenm142
Pokemon Pets Games
Anything related to the game can be played here.
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Pokemon.Com page(TCG is h...
2019-03-09, 07:33 PM
by zaydenm142
Video Games
If you want to talk about video games or reenact them here.
Threads: 2
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Pokemon Y and X
2019-03-10, 02:06 PM
by zaydenm142
Graphics Showcase
Anything related to graphic arts.

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Graphics Tutorials

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Threads: 21
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Shiny-Pokemons by Aladdin
2019-02-07, 07:53 AM
by CeFurkan
Writing Art.

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Alternate Fanfiction
Threads: 15
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saving the world
2018-06-26, 05:47 AM
by servine
Present your drawings here.

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Pokémon Drawings
Random Drawings
Threads: 35
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Digimon/YugiohOne Piece a...
2019-02-07, 09:55 AM
by CeFurkan
Creative Arts Section
Members can open up a shop and make avatars, signatures and banners asked for by other members
Threads: 9
Posts: 166
2017-12-28, 10:42 AM
by max riplion
If you created youtube videos here, share them with us.

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How to play Pokemon Pets
2019-01-22, 07:50 AM
by CeFurkan
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