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HAI EVERYONE TODAY I AM STARTING NEW AUCTION THE POKEMON I SELECTED IS                                                                                  BID:15M                                                  ENDS IN:14-4-17                HAVE A NICE DAY/NIGHT/MORNING                                                    I HOPE EVERYONE LIKES ITBig Grin
if none of them want i will remove the post
lol well its slightly better than the last one you tried to auction off... but I still think you over priced it...
ok,then u can tell the amount ILuvEevee
12 million maximum unknown isn't a very popular Pokémon
no, it have very good iv so it is not possible to sell for 12m ILuvEevee
can u increase the amount iluveevee
15m offer
is this ur final affordable price
I can afford more I'm just not willing to pay more
ok then its fine
So I get the shiny?
the bid ends in 5 min
yes u will get the shiny & please offer the price in trade i have already put it in trade
the bid is over the pokemon goes to leif123
due to his mind changed as he is not willing to pay in cash ,no one gets it
This is rlly starting to get annoying
this is the last post of mine in this auction, don't get annoyed & don't take it serious i just replied the reason why you didn't got it sorry , i entered the auction few days before so i don't know what to post at the end of the auction

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