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cef ,
                                                i think you can add this if you like.

in pokedex this button - display pokemon that i can have.

so if we want to see our megable/ we can get after evolving pokemon in our bag we can see them.

example : if we want raichu and we have 2 pikachu , we can choose display pokemon that i can have so we can found raichu on pokedex which we can get by transform pikachu.

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Yes it is good suggestion so that we not ask to trainers and being confused among them
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i think it is good if cef like.Big Grin
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i dont understand what do you mean can someone else explain?
cef he's telling that in pokedex we have a button called display pokemon u have and he's telling to add display megable pokemons i have  he gave example: u have 2 pikachus and wanted a raichu then he tht said display pokemon tht i can get
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if i want to see which pokemon i not have. and that pokemon we can get after evolving from it first stage. and we have thats first stage. 

so if we will choose display pokemon that i can have we will find in pokedex that pokemons that we can get by evolving our pokemon.
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