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new wallpaper error


this wallpaper is based on 'pseudo legends' but were is goomy or sliggoo or goodra

also since its also based on 'dragon pseudo legends'
  metagross and beldum is not dragon type

you should remove the word 'dragon' or remove the picture of beldum and metagross
and definetly add 'goomy or sliggoo or goodra'
well ask the one who made it Big Grin
(2015-03-15, 11:26 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: well ask the one who made it Big Grin
Undecided i don't know who made it
Big Grin hello !
(2015-03-22, 07:48 PM)Cristian alex 25 Wrote: Big Grin hello !

Sleepy cool i thinkk

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