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There should be a multi option in pm. So that if trainer want to pm one message to another at a same time he use this option. This is like cc or bcc option in gmail.
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good idea setu.. Smile
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I'm not against the CC option.
Might be good for moderators as well.. just a quick thinking here haha
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Would help me in reporting people to CM's Tongue
thats a nice idea
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(2015-10-06, 02:28 PM)Atharvaa898 Wrote: Would help me in reporting people to CM's Tongue

yes atharva i think it should help you
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it will help.
I support as well, atm the only way to do so is to pm as the admin
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Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

can be done bookmarked
Thanks cef this will very helpful for us.
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