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limit number of alts and discourage multi ip use
I understand that it is a form of advertising and has the potential to bring in more new people. However, at this point I believe that having people make many accounts and/or change IP addresses to achieve this goal is detrimental to the existing community and future growth of the game.
Over the last several weeks, a certain player has come back after having many of his accounts perma banned, at Blau's request. He has significantly disrupted the game and has made many of the seasoned players question who is an alt of his and who is a legitimate new player. From this situation many suspicions have arisen and trouble has started.

This is just one of the many examples where having the ability to create numerous accounts creates issues.

While I understand the benefit of advertisement for the game by having a higher player count and more reviews made by the same person from different accounts/IP addresses, I do not believe that it outweighs the benefits of stability and happiness in the community.
Yes support you too many beggars around nowadays Dodgy the number of accounts a person can have should be limited
well this would not solve our problem unfortunately

because even if we ip ban, they come back again with proxy

best way is ignoring and chat banning them

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