Poll: you want page chat feature?
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yes,we want page chat feature
no , no need of that
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friends i have an idea that cef  can add a page chat feature ..

in that feature we can chat with those players who are in our current page.Tongue

example : if a starter is catchable in starfall town , route no. 1 . so many player will go there to catch starter . so in page chat feature we can cht with thos players who are trying to catch starter .  

page chat feature can set in side of events chat..

what do you think friends just vote it...Wink
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The players who want to chat can also chat in 'global chat'.
I'm not for it nor against it. I see no great improvement in doing so.
So.. I don't know what to vote for :/
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this can be added bookmarked
umm....i dunno

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