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why u don't put add friend system to this game
Is it really necessary?
(2014-11-17, 07:39 AM)Dark.Zero Wrote: Is it really necessary?
yes cause there too much player i don't remember
yes it is planned to be added
(2014-12-15, 04:26 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: yes it is planned to be added

yes it is a good idea
It is a very good idea
I have a huge backlog of games on my Switch and I just can't keep up. I wonder how do you guys manage to play all these good games with so little time. Especially when you have a job, school, friends, hobbies and other activities. How do you decide what game to play first , which one to finish, which one to put back on the shelf and grab them later or sell them ?

I still have unfinished games from previous years , currently at the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Then I want to immediately start Torna. I am talking about 50+ hours just for this.

I still didn't touched Daemon X Machina, Final Fantasy X and Luigis Mansion 3. All these games are sitting on my shelf, sealed , untouched waiting for me to pick them up.

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