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farukhakan | What the Sell/Buy

Shiny Market

Shiny-Dialga (x2)->140m per one
and this
This one

If you say, "I haven`t got enough money, can you trade them ?"
5 mega gem or 5 shiny for shiny dialga
3 mega gem +20m or 3 shiny+20m for shiny rayquaza
Legend Market

All of my legends are selling if i have 2 or more of same pokemon.
Darkrai->4m per one
Mew->6m per one
Dialga->6m per one

Ultra-Rare Market

Selling:1m per one ultra rare !
Or we can trade my ultra rare poke with an ultra rare poke that i havent. 

Very good ıv and nature or daily reward;
8m per one if they are daily reward
6m per one if they aren`t daily reward but they are good.
I buy all of 100 level pokemons and i pay 2m per one.
Faruhkan, neither of your dialgas are worth that much, subtract like 60mil from each of those prices for the actual price. And they're definitely, DEFINITELY not worth 5 shinies or megas either. That's just an unfair trade to whoever agrees to such a thing. SO I would suggest revising the prices so people will actually buy your stuff, or at least so its fair to those that might be interested but find the prices just as ridiculous.
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...


Ch17175 is a master when it comes to prices so I suggest you follow his opinion in order to have a good business.

Thank you.
i want to buy
Will you buy any 100 level Pokemon? even common Pokemon or with particular rarity?

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