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What is gym reset? How do i activate it?
When you defeat a gym leader you get tremendous rewards and a badge

While you have that badge, you can not battle with that gym leader again to get those rewards again. Normally you can defeat NPC trainers daily. But gym leaders can not be defeated as long as you have that gym's badge

So you can reset your badges to battle with gym leaders again to get those tremendous EXP, Gold and Item rewards again

Badges can be reset from control panel >

And also can be reset from reward shop >
thank you!
Completely awesome Pokemon Fusion. Thanks for the detailed guide
Thank you for sharing a very meaningful article, I think it will be very helpful for me and everyone. Play game  online.
In the context of the game, a gym reset would likely refer to a way to reset the progress of a particular gym so that you can battle the gym leader again and receive rewards. This could be useful if you want to earn more rewards or improve your performance against a particular gym leader.
Resetting your badges in a game may be a terrific chance to re-engage with gym leaders and reap the massive benefits that come with beating them. Resetting your badges allows you to battle the gym leaders again and win significant EXP, money, and item prizes that will help you continue in the game.
A gym reset in the context of the game most likely refers to a method of resetting the progress of a certain gym so that you may fight the gym leader once again and get prizes. If you want to increase your incentives or outperform a certain gym leader, this might be helpful.
Thanks for sharing!

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