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hey welcome

you need to improve unfortunately Sad
(2016-07-02, 11:36 PM)Jules Wrote:

Not for the game.

Does my art-style look good or bad?

It's got classic cartoon elements to it. Reminds me of Rugrats, Garfield, and the Peanuts comics. It's not my favorite style of art in general for preference, but it's definitely got potential depending on how you go with it. I'm not a master of art, but since you asked, thanks for hearing me out.
(2016-07-12, 10:05 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: hey welcome

you need to improve unfortunately Sad

That's okay
The art displayed looks as if you've been using MSPaint to draw (which isn't inherently bad). That said, if you intend to keep using that program it is necessary to work on your understanding and techniques of the tools available. Practice makes perfect, and unfortunately, it takes a lot of practice.

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