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Weekly Challenge System
Weekly PVP System

*In this method players will go up against different players To gain points within the Current week.
*Points Can be earned when they win in a battle against other players 
*The no. of points earned by a player per PVPwin would vary upon the strength of the opponent
*Battling against The same player over and over again will give out less PVP points or no points at all
*This will Encourage people to pvp and see who has a great team and skill set 

Will Add more.....

Weekly Experience Score 

Since The monsters/pokemons When reached to the ultimate perk of their level the Don't Gain anymore experience nor is the Exp put to any good use once their at lvl 120 on M3o and 100 on PP.

IF we have weekly Experience Score competition earned by our monsters/pokemons. There would be a lot more fun while Grinding out levels and people would Compete each other For more EXp.

Experience score cannot be earned from capturing of monsters/pokemons or From monsters/pokemons that have been trained By other trainers 

Experiences Score can Solely be earned by the own player itself though grinding on Npc's and other monsters/pokemons
So,the more you Grind the more you Gain experience Score. 

Experience Scores can let people Grind for more exp and see Who's the most hardcore Grinder and would also improve people's activeness 

OFC! for Both the occasions there Should be a Reward For the Top Finishers 

please! Do share your ideas And Suggestions About it. Smile

Monster MMorpg Thread
my noob IGN Staff 
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I am not interested into pvp at all but i reckon this would be a good add for those who are pvpers
Rocking Idea. pvp points will generate a PvP Leaderboard and PvP Rankings System Big Grin
As stated on the m3o thread, no PvP system without ELO system, which is planned by cef already Big Grin
The Grinding idea is an uber sweet idea 

M30 - Galliant
That's Great and its good to know that the pvp thingy was already planned
my noob IGN Staff 
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going to get pvping
(2016-01-26, 04:16 PM)DarkmagePrince Wrote: going to get pvping

yup if something like this gets implemented there is going to be a whole lot of pvp'ing going on
my noob IGN Staff 
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*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
Its great
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