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Tournament System Simplified
This will be a very short summary of the Tournament System:
For alot more specific info, please read here >

~Official Tournaments~
These happen every 6 hours.

The amount of gold rewarded to you increases the more you win, but you do not get only gold, you can win SHINY POKEMON!
For first place, you get 3 SHINY POKEMON EGGS And for 2nd place, you get 1 SHINY POKEMON EGG.  
For lesser ranks, you get legendary or ultra rare eggs.

~Doesn't that mean strong people just get more rares?~

No, because some tournaments have a specific rarity allowed, Giving everyone a chance.
Some tournaments allow only COMMON POKEMON  while others might only allow something like Mega Rares
Some tournaments might allow multi rarities around the same category, like Mega Uncommons, Mega Rares, Mega starters

~What are all these other weird filters?~

They may seem confusing at first, but they're really simple.

Mono Types:  Basically all that means is all pokemon in your team need to share a common type, you can use duel type pokemon, they just have to have 1 type in common. Sometimes it lets you choose 'any mono type' or sometimes it has a specific one you need. E.g. Every one of your pokemon must have dragon typing

Captured by Player:  Simply means it has to be pokemon you caught, won, or hatched yourself, can't be something you bought/traded for.

Account Bound Rule: If activated, simply means you will either only be able to use Silver Medal pokemon, or can't use them at all.

The rest are kinda obvious

~Player Hosted Tournaments~

For these, the host may pick any filters they wish to add, including only allowing certain guilds to join.
They may select a max amount of people to join, what level pokemon are allowed, etc
They will be the ones giving out the gold reward, minimum amount is 5mil.
Rank 1 gets 50% of the gold, rank 2 30%, rank 3 20%


You may only join on one account per tournament

As stated before, this is just a brief summery missing ALOT of info, so i encourage you to at least scan through the official forum.

[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
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Thanks for the information, I don't know this before. Also, can you please tell me more about it
Thanks for sharing the topic I'm interested in.
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