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The Hunt For A Shiny fox
After months of searching for a s vulpix to call my own i hear a rumor that a red fox was seen in woodville town. So i used my hedgewig to fly after i bought some supplies i went in search for 10 minutes later i found it. It had a bad nature and IVs but i didn't care. I got it down a little and then i threw my masterball and caught her i was happy know but not satisfied it was bad so i went to search for a better one  and i did it had a good nature and ivs and it was a S Ninetails and caught it i named her Sarah 2.0 the better version so i but the bad sarah in storage and keep it in my party until its time to mega evolve her.
seriously? -_-
Really -_- you megaing that ...... Thing
[Image: satra%20excadrill%20sig.png]
(2015-10-17, 01:36 PM)umarwaseem439 Wrote: seriously? -_-

hey it took along time  [Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif][Image: star.gif]
Long time or not, it isn't good. don't waste your gold on it and be happy with an s-ninetales
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

hey it took along time
Accally, look at the other fanfics, that took along time. like you gotta make it diffrent than the gameplay, dont just weaken it and bam, captured with masterball. You gotta have an inside story with ur pokemon. Also, im gonna make my own fanfic about how i captured my pokemon.Its gonna be long too. its not gonna be hunting for it.Just take my advice and understand how to make people read more of this.
lol good story
hahah good story

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