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Test Server V6 Changes
We have opened a temporary test server to verify and validate Version 7.0.0 update

Hopefully Test server V6 is the latest one before we make the update

So this version is so critical

Test server link >

Test server is duplicate of the real server

Whatever you do on test server will not affect your real server

Test server will get deleted later. So that you can do whatever you want on test server

Some of the periodic events on test server will not work

You should focus on testing Pokemon class, stats, move sets, default abilities and their transformation line

Especially test is their transformation working correctly as supposed to be

Test new moves and evaluate their features

So focus on properties and correctness of the new stuff we are adding

[1] All Pokemon movesets updated to latest generation moves

[2] Manage Reward Pokemon page were lagging at some users due to page size. The number of displayed Pokemon in that page has been reduced to 25 from 50 to reduce this possible lag issue and improve overall user experience :

[3] For testing purposes:

[3.1] Gale Force Boots item now will have 35% Critical damage increase instead of 30%

[3.2] Gale Force Boots now will have 20% SpAttack increase instead of 15% and SpDefense increase 20% instead of 10%

The features of the following Pokemon moves have been modified or at least their description have been updated:
[*] Explosion, Type: Normal, Category: Physical, Base Power: 250, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Explosion is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

[*] Final Gambit, Type: Fighting, Category: Special, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Final Gambit adds 100% of the user’s current health to the damage as long as the enemy is not type immune . Final Gambit is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

[*] Memento, Type: Dark, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Memento decreases the enemy’s Attack stat by 2 stages. Memento decreases the enemy’s SpAttack stat by 2 stages. Memento is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

[*] Perish Song, Type: Normal, Category: Physical, Base Power: 480, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Perish Song is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

[*] Self-Destruct, Type: Normal, Category: Physical, Base Power: 200, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Self-Destruct is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

[*] Spite, Type: Ghost, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Spite reduces the enemy’s last used move’s PP by 4 points.

[*] Misty Explosion, Type: Fairy, Category: Special, Base Power: 250, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Misty Explosion is an extremely powerful attack that causes user to faint as a recoil damage.

The following Pokemon moves have been newly added to the game:
[*] Chloroblast, Type: Grass, Category: Special, Base Power: 120, Accuracy: 95, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Chloroblast has 50% recoil damage .

[*] Freezing Glare, Type: Psychic, Category: Special, Base Power: 90, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Freezing Glare has a 10% chance to freeze the enemy.

[*] Thunderous Kick, Type: Fighting, Category: Physical, Base Power: 90, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Thunderous Kick decreases the enemy’s Defense stat by 1 stage.

[*] Fiery Wrath, Type: Dark, Category: Special, Base Power: 90, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Fiery Wrath has a 20% chance to make the enemy cringe.

[*] Blazing Parade, Type: Ghost, Category: Special, Base Power: 60, Accuracy: 100, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Blazing Parade has a 30% chance to burn the enemy. Blazing Parade deals double damage if the enemy has a status problem (e.g., Burning) .

[*] Eerie Trick, Type: Psychic, Category: Special, Base Power: 80, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Eerie Trick reduces the enemy’s last used move’s PP by 3 points.

[*] Barb Barrage, Type: Poison, Category: Physical, Base Power: 60, Accuracy: 100, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Barb Barrage has a 30% chance to poison the enemy. Barb Barrage deals double damage if the enemy has a status problem (e.g., Burning) .

[*] Psyshield Bash, Type: Psychic, Category: Physical, Base Power: 70, Accuracy: 90, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Psyshield Bash increases the user’s Defense stat by 1 stage. Psyshield Bash increases the user’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage.

[*] Headlong Rush, Type: Ground, Category: Physical, Base Power: 100, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Headlong Rush decreases the enemy’s Defense stat by 1 stage.

[*] Raging Fury, Type: Fire, Category: Physical, Base Power: 90, Accuracy: 85, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Regular move. No extra feature

[*] Wave Crash, Type: Water, Category: Physical, Base Power: 75, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Wave Crash has 33% recoil damage . Wave Crash increases the user’s Speed stat by 2 stages.

[*] Mystical Power, Type: Psychic, Category: Special, Base Power: 70, Accuracy: 90, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Mystical Power randomly increases 2 of the user’s stats by 1 stages .

[*] Lunar Light, Type: Psychic, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 1000, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Lunar Light increases the user’s Evasion stat by 1 stage. Lunar Light recovers user’s 50% of it’s maximum HP . Lunar Light cures the user’s all status problems .

[*] Take Heart, Type: Psychic, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 1000, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Take Heart increases the user’s Attack stat by 1 stage. Take Heart increases the user’s SpAttack stat by 1 stage. Take Heart increases the user’s Defense stat by 1 stage. Take Heart increases the user’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage. Take Heart cures the user’s all status problems .

[*] Ceaseless Edge, Type: Dark, Category: Physical, Base Power: 65, Accuracy: 90, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Ceaseless Edge has a Critical Hit chance level of +2 .

[*] Victory Dance, Type: Fighting, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 1000, PP: 20, Priority: 0 : Victory Dance increases the user’s Attack stat by 1 stage. Victory Dance increases the user’s SpAttack stat by 1 stage. Victory Dance increases the user’s Defense stat by 1 stage. Victory Dance increases the user’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage.

[*] Bitter Malice, Type: Ghost, Category: Special, Base Power: 60, Accuracy: 100, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Bitter Malice has a 40% chance to freeze the enemy. Bitter Malice deals double damage if the enemy has a status problem (e.g., Burning) .

[*] Esper Wing, Type: Psychic, Category: Special, Base Power: 75, Accuracy: 90, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Esper Wing has a Critical Hit chance level of +2 . Esper Wing increases the user’s Speed stat by 1 stage.

[*] Bleakwind Storm, Type: Flying, Category: Special, Base Power: 95, Accuracy: 80, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Bleakwind Storm has a 40% chance to freeze the enemy.

[*] Wildbolt Storm, Type: Electric, Category: Special, Base Power: 95, Accuracy: 80, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Wildbolt Storm has a 30% chance to paralyze the enemy.

[*] Sandsear Storm, Type: Ground, Category: Special, Base Power: 95, Accuracy: 80, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Sandsear Storm has a 30% chance to burn the enemy.

[*] Shelter, Type: Steel, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 1000, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Shelter increases the user’s Defense stat by 1 stage. Shelter increases the user’s Evasion stat by 1 stage.

[*] Mountain Gale, Type: Ice, Category: Physical, Base Power: 100, Accuracy: 85, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Regular move. No extra feature

[*] Triple Arrows, Type: Fighting, Category: Physical, Base Power: 50, Accuracy: 100, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Triple Arrows increases the Critical Hit chance level by 1 stages . Triple Arrows increases the user’s Defense stat by 1 stage. Triple Arrows increases the user’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage.

[*] Thunder Cage, Type: Electric, Category: Special, Base Power: 80, Accuracy: 90, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Thunder Cage adds 12% of the enemy’s current health to the damage as long as the enemy is not type immune . Thunder Cage traps the enemy’s Pokemon for 5 turns (the enemy can not switch out) .

[*] Dragon Energy, Type: Dragon, Category: Special, Base Power: 150, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Dragon Energy inflicts more damage when the user’s HP is higher. At full HP its base power is 150 and it decreases in proportion. Formula of the power is: 150 × CurrentHP ÷ MaxHP .

[*] Glacial Lance, Type: Ice, Category: Physical, Base Power: 130, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Regular move. No extra feature

[*] Astral Barrage, Type: Ghost, Category: Special, Base Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : Regular move. No extra feature

[*] Stone Axe, Type: Rock, Category: Physical, Base Power: 65, Accuracy: 90, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Stone Axe has a Critical Hit chance level of +1 .

[*] Dire Claw, Type: Poison, Category: Physical, Base Power: 65, Accuracy: 100, PP: 15, Priority: 0 : Dire Claw has a Critical Hit chance level of +1 . Dire Claw has a 20% chance to poison the enemy. Dire Claw has a 20% chance to paralyze the enemy. Dire Claw has a 20% chance to put the enemy to sleep.

[*] Springtide Storm, Type: Fairy, Category: Special, Base Power: 95, Accuracy: 80, PP: 5, Priority: 0 : The chance of the move’s effect to happen is 15% . Springtide Storm increases the user’s SpAttack stat by 1 stage. Springtide Storm increases the user’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage. Springtide Storm decreases the enemy’s SpAttack stat by 1 stage. Springtide Storm decreases the enemy’s SpDefense stat by 1 stage.

The following Pokemon have been newly added to the game:
Class: Legendary, Id: 891, Kubfu [Image: 891-Kubfu.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 892, Urshifu [Image: 892-Urshifu.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 893, Zarude [Image: 893-Zarude.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 894, Regieleki [Image: 894-Regieleki.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 895, Regidrago [Image: 895-Regidrago.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 896, Glastrier [Image: 896-Glastrier.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 897, Spectrier [Image: 897-Spectrier.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 898, Calyrex [Image: 898-Calyrex.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 899, Wyrdeer [Image: 899-Wyrdeer.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 900, Kleavor [Image: 900-Kleavor.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 901, Ursaluna [Image: 901-Ursaluna.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 902, Basculegion [Image: 902-Basculegion.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 903, Sneasler [Image: 903-Sneasler.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 904, Overqwil [Image: 904-Overqwil.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 905, Enamorus [Image: 905-Enamorus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2891, Shiny Kubfu [Image: 2891-Shiny-Kubfu.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2892, Shiny Urshifu [Image: 2892-Shiny-Urshifu.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2893, Shiny Zarude [Image: 2893-Shiny-Zarude.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2894, Shiny Regieleki [Image: 2894-Shiny-Regieleki.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2895, Shiny Regidrago [Image: 2895-Shiny-Regidrago.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2896, Shiny Glastrier [Image: 2896-Shiny-Glastrier.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2897, Shiny Spectrier [Image: 2897-Shiny-Spectrier.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2898, Shiny Calyrex [Image: 2898-Shiny-Calyrex.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2899, Shiny Wyrdeer [Image: 2899-Shiny-Wyrdeer.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2900, Shiny Kleavor [Image: 2900-Shiny-Kleavor.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2901, Shiny Ursaluna [Image: 2901-Shiny-Ursaluna.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2902, Shiny Basculegion [Image: 2902-Shiny-Basculegion.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2903, Shiny Sneasler [Image: 2903-Shiny-Sneasler.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2904, Shiny Overqwil [Image: 2904-Shiny-Overqwil.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2905, Shiny Enamorus [Image: 2905-Shiny-Enamorus.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4037, Pikachu Partner [Image: 4037-Pikachu-Partner.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4039, Pikachu Lightning [Image: 4039-Pikachu-Lightning.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4128, Tauros Ice [Image: 4128-Tauros-Ice.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4133, Eevee Partner [Image: 4133-Eevee-Partner.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4147, Mewtwo Mecha [Image: 4147-Mewtwo-Mecha.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4198, Umbreon Space [Image: 4198-Umbreon-Space.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4230, Shuckle Urchin [Image: 4230-Shuckle-Urchin.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4347, Milotic Golden [Image: 4347-Milotic-Golden.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 4349, Feebas Golden [Image: 4349-Feebas-Golden.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4384, Rayquaza Glacier [Image: 4384-Rayquaza-Glacier.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4483, Dialga Origin [Image: 4483-Dialga-Origin.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4484, Palkia Origin [Image: 4484-Palkia-Origin.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 4532, Timburr Log [Image: 4532-Timburr-Log.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4533, Gurdurr Log [Image: 4533-Gurdurr-Log.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4534, Conkeldurr Log [Image: 4534-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4552, Krokorok Dive [Image: 4552-Krokorok-Dive.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4636, Larvesta Ancient [Image: 4636-Larvesta-Ancient.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4637, Volcarona Ancient [Image: 4637-Volcarona-Ancient.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 4708, Phantump Fire [Image: 4708-Phantump-Fire.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4709, Trevenant Fire [Image: 4709-Trevenant-Fire.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4885, Calyrex ShadowRider [Image: 4885-Calyrex-ShadowRider.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4892, Urshifu RapidStrike [Image: 4892-Urshifu-RapidStrike.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4898, Calyrex IceRider [Image: 4898-Calyrex-IceRider.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4902, Basculegion_F [Image: 4902-Basculegion_F.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 4905, Enamorus Therian [Image: 4905-Enamorus-Therian.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5069, Arshiram Ground [Image: 5069-Arshiram-Ground.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5070, Arshiram Rock [Image: 5070-Arshiram-Rock.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5071, Arshiram Bug [Image: 5071-Arshiram-Bug.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5072, Arshiram Grass [Image: 5072-Arshiram-Grass.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5073, Arshiram Electric [Image: 5073-Arshiram-Electric.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5074, Arshiram Fairy [Image: 5074-Arshiram-Fairy.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5075, Arshiram Flying [Image: 5075-Arshiram-Flying.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5076, Arshiram Poison [Image: 5076-Arshiram-Poison.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5077, Arshiram Ice [Image: 5077-Arshiram-Ice.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5078, Arshiram Ghost [Image: 5078-Arshiram-Ghost.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5079, Arshiram Steel [Image: 5079-Arshiram-Steel.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5080, Arshiram Dragon [Image: 5080-Arshiram-Dragon.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5081, Arshiram Water [Image: 5081-Arshiram-Water.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5082, Arshiram Fighting [Image: 5082-Arshiram-Fighting.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5083, Arshiram Psychic [Image: 5083-Arshiram-Psychic.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5084, Arshiram Fire [Image: 5084-Arshiram-Fire.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5085, Arshiram Dark [Image: 5085-Arshiram-Dark.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6037, Shiny Pikachu Partner [Image: 6037-Shiny-Pikachu-Partner.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6039, Shiny Pikachu Lightning [Image: 6039-Shiny-Pikachu-Lightning.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6128, Shiny Tauros Ice [Image: 6128-Shiny-Tauros-Ice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6133, Shiny Eevee Partner [Image: 6133-Shiny-Eevee-Partner.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6147, Shiny Mewtwo Mecha [Image: 6147-Shiny-Mewtwo-Mecha.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6198, Shiny Umbreon Space [Image: 6198-Shiny-Umbreon-Space.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6230, Shiny Shuckle Urchin [Image: 6230-Shiny-Shuckle-Urchin.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6347, Shiny Milotic Golden [Image: 6347-Shiny-Milotic-Golden.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6349, Shiny Feebas Golden [Image: 6349-Shiny-Feebas-Golden.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6384, Shiny Rayquaza Glacier [Image: 6384-Shiny-Rayquaza-Glacier.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6483, Shiny Dialga Origin [Image: 6483-Shiny-Dialga-Origin.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6484, Shiny Palkia Origin [Image: 6484-Shiny-Palkia-Origin.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6532, Shiny Timburr Log [Image: 6532-Shiny-Timburr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6533, Shiny Gurdurr Log [Image: 6533-Shiny-Gurdurr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6534, Shiny Conkeldurr Log [Image: 6534-Shiny-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6552, Shiny Krokorok Dive [Image: 6552-Shiny-Krokorok-Dive.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6636, Shiny Larvesta Ancient [Image: 6636-Shiny-Larvesta-Ancient.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6637, Shiny Volcarona Ancient [Image: 6637-Shiny-Volcarona-Ancient.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6708, Shiny Phantump Fire [Image: 6708-Shiny-Phantump-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6709, Shiny Trevenant Fire [Image: 6709-Shiny-Trevenant-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6885, Shiny Calyrex ShadowRider [Image: 6885-Shiny-Calyrex-ShadowRider.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6892, Shiny Urshifu RapidStrike [Image: 6892-Shiny-Urshifu-RapidStrike.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6898, Shiny Calyrex IceRider [Image: 6898-Shiny-Calyrex-IceRider.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6902, Shiny Basculegion_F [Image: 6902-Shiny-Basculegion_F.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6905, Shiny Enamorus Therian [Image: 6905-Shiny-Enamorus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7069, Shiny Arshiram Ground [Image: 7069-Shiny-Arshiram-Ground.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7070, Shiny Arshiram Rock [Image: 7070-Shiny-Arshiram-Rock.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7071, Shiny Arshiram Bug [Image: 7071-Shiny-Arshiram-Bug.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7072, Shiny Arshiram Grass [Image: 7072-Shiny-Arshiram-Grass.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7073, Shiny Arshiram Electric [Image: 7073-Shiny-Arshiram-Electric.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7074, Shiny Arshiram Fairy [Image: 7074-Shiny-Arshiram-Fairy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7075, Shiny Arshiram Flying [Image: 7075-Shiny-Arshiram-Flying.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7076, Shiny Arshiram Poison [Image: 7076-Shiny-Arshiram-Poison.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7077, Shiny Arshiram Ice [Image: 7077-Shiny-Arshiram-Ice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7078, Shiny Arshiram Ghost [Image: 7078-Shiny-Arshiram-Ghost.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7079, Shiny Arshiram Steel [Image: 7079-Shiny-Arshiram-Steel.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7080, Shiny Arshiram Dragon [Image: 7080-Shiny-Arshiram-Dragon.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7081, Shiny Arshiram Water [Image: 7081-Shiny-Arshiram-Water.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7082, Shiny Arshiram Fighting [Image: 7082-Shiny-Arshiram-Fighting.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7083, Shiny Arshiram Psychic [Image: 7083-Shiny-Arshiram-Psychic.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7084, Shiny Arshiram Fire [Image: 7084-Shiny-Arshiram-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7085, Shiny Arshiram Dark [Image: 7085-Shiny-Arshiram-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8413, Mega Wormadam [Image: 8413-Mega-Wormadam.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8516, Mega Simipour [Image: 8516-Mega-Simipour.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8598, Mega Ferrothorn [Image: 8598-Mega-Ferrothorn.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8618, Mega Stunfisk [Image: 8618-Mega-Stunfisk.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 8638, Mega Cobalion [Image: 8638-Mega-Cobalion.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8739, Mega Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 8739-Mega-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8752, Mega Araquanid [Image: 8752-Mega-Araquanid.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8758, Mega Salazzle [Image: 8758-Mega-Salazzle.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8771, Mega Pyukumuku [Image: 8771-Mega-Pyukumuku.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 8772, Mega Minior Meteor [Image: 8772-Mega-Minior-Meteor.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8774, Mega Minior [Image: 8774-Mega-Minior.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8783, Mega Bruxish [Image: 8783-Mega-Bruxish.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8784, Mega Kommo o [Image: 8784-Mega-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8818, Mega Inteleon [Image: 8818-Mega-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8823, Mega Corviknight [Image: 8823-Mega-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8828, Mega Thievul [Image: 8828-Mega-Thievul.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8836, Mega Boltund [Image: 8836-Mega-Boltund.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8849, Mega Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 8849-Mega-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8869, Mega Alcremie [Image: 8869-Mega-Alcremie.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8880, Mega Dracozolt [Image: 8880-Mega-Dracozolt.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8887, Mega Dragapult [Image: 8887-Mega-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 9010, Mega Wormadam Sandy [Image: 9010-Mega-Wormadam-Sandy.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 9011, Mega Wormadam Trash [Image: 9011-Mega-Wormadam-Trash.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9036, Mega Dianeas [Image: 9036-Mega-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9037, Mega Dianeas Bug [Image: 9037-Mega-Dianeas-Bug.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9038, Mega Dianeas Dark [Image: 9038-Mega-Dianeas-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9039, Mega Dianeas Dragon [Image: 9039-Mega-Dianeas-Dragon.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9040, Mega Dianeas Electric [Image: 9040-Mega-Dianeas-Electric.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9041, Mega Dianeas Fighting [Image: 9041-Mega-Dianeas-Fighting.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9042, Mega Dianeas Fire [Image: 9042-Mega-Dianeas-Fire.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9043, Mega Dianeas Flying [Image: 9043-Mega-Dianeas-Flying.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9044, Mega Dianeas Ghost [Image: 9044-Mega-Dianeas-Ghost.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9045, Mega Dianeas Steel [Image: 9045-Mega-Dianeas-Steel.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9046, Mega Dianeas Grass [Image: 9046-Mega-Dianeas-Grass.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9047, Mega Dianeas Ground [Image: 9047-Mega-Dianeas-Ground.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9048, Mega Dianeas Ice [Image: 9048-Mega-Dianeas-Ice.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9049, Mega Dianeas Normal [Image: 9049-Mega-Dianeas-Normal.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9050, Mega Dianeas Poison [Image: 9050-Mega-Dianeas-Poison.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9051, Mega Dianeas Psychic [Image: 9051-Mega-Dianeas-Psychic.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9052, Mega Dianeas Rock [Image: 9052-Mega-Dianeas-Rock.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9053, Mega Dianeas Water [Image: 9053-Mega-Dianeas-Water.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 9876, Mega Indeedee F [Image: 9876-Mega-Indeedee-F.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10413, Shiny Mega Wormadam [Image: 10413-Shiny-Mega-Wormadam.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10516, Shiny Mega Simipour [Image: 10516-Shiny-Mega-Simipour.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10598, Shiny Mega Ferrothorn [Image: 10598-Shiny-Mega-Ferrothorn.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10618, Shiny Mega Stunfisk [Image: 10618-Shiny-Mega-Stunfisk.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 10638, Shiny Mega Cobalion [Image: 10638-Shiny-Mega-Cobalion.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10739, Shiny Mega Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 10739-Shiny-Mega-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10752, Shiny Mega Araquanid [Image: 10752-Shiny-Mega-Araquanid.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10758, Shiny Mega Salazzle [Image: 10758-Shiny-Mega-Salazzle.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10771, Shiny Mega Pyukumuku [Image: 10771-Shiny-Mega-Pyukumuku.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 10772, Shiny Mega Minior Meteor [Image: 10772-Shiny-Mega-Minior-Meteor.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10774, Shiny Mega Minior [Image: 10774-Shiny-Mega-Minior.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10783, Shiny Mega Bruxish [Image: 10783-Shiny-Mega-Bruxish.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10784, Shiny Mega Kommo o [Image: 10784-Shiny-Mega-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10818, Shiny Mega Inteleon [Image: 10818-Shiny-Mega-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10823, Shiny Mega Corviknight [Image: 10823-Shiny-Mega-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10828, Shiny Mega Thievul [Image: 10828-Shiny-Mega-Thievul.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10836, Shiny Mega Boltund [Image: 10836-Shiny-Mega-Boltund.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10849, Shiny Mega Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 10849-Shiny-Mega-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10869, Shiny Mega Alcremie [Image: 10869-Shiny-Mega-Alcremie.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10880, Shiny Mega Dracozolt [Image: 10880-Shiny-Mega-Dracozolt.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10887, Shiny Mega Dragapult [Image: 10887-Shiny-Mega-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 11010, Shiny Mega Wormadam Sandy [Image: 11010-Shiny-Mega-Wormadam-Sandy.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 11011, Shiny Mega Wormadam Trash [Image: 11011-Shiny-Mega-Wormadam-Trash.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11036, Shiny Mega Dianeas [Image: 11036-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11037, Shiny Mega Dianeas Bug [Image: 11037-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Bug.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11038, Shiny Mega Dianeas Dark [Image: 11038-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11039, Shiny Mega Dianeas Dragon [Image: 11039-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Dragon.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11040, Shiny Mega Dianeas Electric [Image: 11040-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Electric.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11041, Shiny Mega Dianeas Fighting [Image: 11041-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Fighting.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11042, Shiny Mega Dianeas Fire [Image: 11042-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Fire.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11043, Shiny Mega Dianeas Flying [Image: 11043-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Flying.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11044, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ghost [Image: 11044-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ghost.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11045, Shiny Mega Dianeas Steel [Image: 11045-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Steel.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11046, Shiny Mega Dianeas Grass [Image: 11046-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Grass.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11047, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ground [Image: 11047-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ground.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11048, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ice [Image: 11048-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ice.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11049, Shiny Mega Dianeas Normal [Image: 11049-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Normal.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11050, Shiny Mega Dianeas Poison [Image: 11050-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Poison.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11051, Shiny Mega Dianeas Psychic [Image: 11051-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Psychic.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11052, Shiny Mega Dianeas Rock [Image: 11052-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Rock.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11053, Shiny Mega Dianeas Water [Image: 11053-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Water.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 11876, Shiny Mega Indeedee F [Image: 11876-Shiny-Mega-Indeedee-F.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 12070, Gardenice [Image: 12070-Gardenice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 14070, Shiny Gardenice [Image: 14070-Shiny-Gardenice.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16021, Galarian Spearow [Image: 16021-Galarian-Spearow.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16022, Galarian Fearow [Image: 16022-Galarian-Fearow.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16046, Alolan Paras [Image: 16046-Alolan-Paras.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16079, Galarian Slowpoke [Image: 16079-Galarian-Slowpoke.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16080, Galarian Slowbro [Image: 16080-Galarian-Slowbro.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16144, Galarian Articuno [Image: 16144-Galarian-Articuno.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16145, Galarian Zapdos [Image: 16145-Galarian-Zapdos.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16146, Galarian Moltres [Image: 16146-Galarian-Moltres.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 16193, Galarian Yanma [Image: 16193-Galarian-Yanma.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16199, Galarian Slowking [Image: 16199-Galarian-Slowking.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16249, Galarian Lugia [Image: 16249-Galarian-Lugia.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16280, Galarian Ralts [Image: 16280-Galarian-Ralts.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16281, Galarian Kirlia [Image: 16281-Galarian-Kirlia.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16282, Galarian Gardevoir [Image: 16282-Galarian-Gardevoir.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16307, Galarian Meditite [Image: 16307-Galarian-Meditite.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 16308, Galarian Medicham [Image: 16308-Galarian-Medicham.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16469, Galarian Yanmega [Image: 16469-Galarian-Yanmega.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16475, Galarian Gallade [Image: 16475-Galarian-Gallade.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16486, Galarian Regigigas [Image: 16486-Galarian-Regigigas.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16527, Galarian Woobat [Image: 16527-Galarian-Woobat.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16528, Galarian Swoobat [Image: 16528-Galarian-Swoobat.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16548, Galarian Petilil [Image: 16548-Galarian-Petilil.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16549, Galarian Lilligant [Image: 16549-Galarian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16602, Galarian Tynamo [Image: 16602-Galarian-Tynamo.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 16603, Galarian Eelektrik [Image: 16603-Galarian-Eelektrik.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16604, Galarian Eelektross [Image: 16604-Galarian-Eelektross.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16641, Galarian Tornadus [Image: 16641-Galarian-Tornadus.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16642, Galarian Thundurus [Image: 16642-Galarian-Thundurus.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16645, Galarian Landorus [Image: 16645-Galarian-Landorus.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16708, Alolan Phantump [Image: 16708-Alolan-Phantump.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16709, Alolan Trevenant [Image: 16709-Alolan-Trevenant.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17641, Galarian Tornadus Therian [Image: 17641-Galarian-Tornadus-Therian.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17642, Galarian Thundurus Therian [Image: 17642-Galarian-Thundurus-Therian.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17645, Galarian Landorus Therian [Image: 17645-Galarian-Landorus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18021, Shiny Galarian Spearow [Image: 18021-Shiny-Galarian-Spearow.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18022, Shiny Galarian Fearow [Image: 18022-Shiny-Galarian-Fearow.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18046, Shiny Alolan Paras [Image: 18046-Shiny-Alolan-Paras.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18079, Shiny Galarian Slowpoke [Image: 18079-Shiny-Galarian-Slowpoke.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18080, Shiny Galarian Slowbro [Image: 18080-Shiny-Galarian-Slowbro.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18144, Shiny Galarian Articuno [Image: 18144-Shiny-Galarian-Articuno.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18145, Shiny Galarian Zapdos [Image: 18145-Shiny-Galarian-Zapdos.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18146, Shiny Galarian Moltres [Image: 18146-Shiny-Galarian-Moltres.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18193, Shiny Galarian Yanma [Image: 18193-Shiny-Galarian-Yanma.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18199, Shiny Galarian Slowking [Image: 18199-Shiny-Galarian-Slowking.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18249, Shiny Galarian Lugia [Image: 18249-Shiny-Galarian-Lugia.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18280, Shiny Galarian Ralts [Image: 18280-Shiny-Galarian-Ralts.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18281, Shiny Galarian Kirlia [Image: 18281-Shiny-Galarian-Kirlia.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18282, Shiny Galarian Gardevoir [Image: 18282-Shiny-Galarian-Gardevoir.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18307, Shiny Galarian Meditite [Image: 18307-Shiny-Galarian-Meditite.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18308, Shiny Galarian Medicham [Image: 18308-Shiny-Galarian-Medicham.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18469, Shiny Galarian Yanmega [Image: 18469-Shiny-Galarian-Yanmega.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18475, Shiny Galarian Gallade [Image: 18475-Shiny-Galarian-Gallade.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18486, Shiny Galarian Regigigas [Image: 18486-Shiny-Galarian-Regigigas.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18527, Shiny Galarian Woobat [Image: 18527-Shiny-Galarian-Woobat.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18528, Shiny Galarian Swoobat [Image: 18528-Shiny-Galarian-Swoobat.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18548, Shiny Galarian Petilil [Image: 18548-Shiny-Galarian-Petilil.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18549, Shiny Galarian Lilligant [Image: 18549-Shiny-Galarian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18602, Shiny Galarian Tynamo [Image: 18602-Shiny-Galarian-Tynamo.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18603, Shiny Galarian Eelektrik [Image: 18603-Shiny-Galarian-Eelektrik.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18604, Shiny Galarian Eelektross [Image: 18604-Shiny-Galarian-Eelektross.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18641, Shiny Galarian Tornadus [Image: 18641-Shiny-Galarian-Tornadus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18642, Shiny Galarian Thundurus [Image: 18642-Shiny-Galarian-Thundurus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18645, Shiny Galarian Landorus [Image: 18645-Shiny-Galarian-Landorus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18708, Shiny Alolan Phantump [Image: 18708-Shiny-Alolan-Phantump.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18709, Shiny Alolan Trevenant [Image: 18709-Shiny-Alolan-Trevenant.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19641, Shiny Galarian Tornadus Therian [Image: 19641-Shiny-Galarian-Tornadus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19642, Shiny Galarian Thundurus Therian [Image: 19642-Shiny-Galarian-Thundurus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19645, Shiny Galarian Landorus Therian [Image: 19645-Shiny-Galarian-Landorus-Therian.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 20051, Mega Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 20051-Mega-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 20282, Galarian Mega Gardevoir [Image: 20282-Galarian-Mega-Gardevoir.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 20308, Galarian Mega Medicham [Image: 20308-Galarian-Mega-Medicham.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 20475, Galarian Mega Gallade [Image: 20475-Galarian-Mega-Gallade.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 22051, Shiny Mega Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 22051-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 22282, Shiny Galarian Mega Gardevoir [Image: 22282-Shiny-Galarian-Mega-Gardevoir.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 22308, Shiny Galarian Mega Medicham [Image: 22308-Shiny-Galarian-Mega-Medicham.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 22475, Shiny Galarian Mega Gallade [Image: 22475-Shiny-Galarian-Mega-Gallade.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24003, Giga Venusaur [Image: 24003-Giga-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24006, Giga Charizard [Image: 24006-Giga-Charizard.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24009, Giga Blastoise [Image: 24009-Giga-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24891, Giga Urshifu [Image: 24891-Giga-Urshifu.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24892, Giga Urshifu Rapid [Image: 24892-Giga-Urshifu-Rapid.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26003, Shiny Giga Venusaur [Image: 26003-Shiny-Giga-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26006, Shiny Giga Charizard [Image: 26006-Shiny-Giga-Charizard.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26009, Shiny Giga Blastoise [Image: 26009-Shiny-Giga-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26891, Shiny Giga Urshifu [Image: 26891-Shiny-Giga-Urshifu.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26892, Shiny Giga Urshifu Rapid [Image: 26892-Shiny-Giga-Urshifu-Rapid.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 28058, Hisuian Growlithe [Image: 28058-Hisuian-Growlithe.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28059, Hisuian Arcanine [Image: 28059-Hisuian-Arcanine.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 28100, Hisuian Voltorb [Image: 28100-Hisuian-Voltorb.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28101, Hisuian Electrode [Image: 28101-Hisuian-Electrode.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28157, Hisuian Typhlosion [Image: 28157-Hisuian-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28211, Hisuian Qwilfish [Image: 28211-Hisuian-Qwilfish.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28215, Hisuian Sneasel [Image: 28215-Hisuian-Sneasel.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28503, Hisuian Samurott [Image: 28503-Hisuian-Samurott.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28549, Hisuian Lilligant [Image: 28549-Hisuian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 28570, Hisuian Zorua [Image: 28570-Hisuian-Zorua.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28571, Hisuian Zoroark [Image: 28571-Hisuian-Zoroark.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28628, Hisuian Braviary [Image: 28628-Hisuian-Braviary.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 28705, Hisuian Sliggoo [Image: 28705-Hisuian-Sliggoo.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28706, Hisuian Goodra [Image: 28706-Hisuian-Goodra.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28713, Hisuian Avalugg [Image: 28713-Hisuian-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 28724, Hisuian Decidueye [Image: 28724-Hisuian-Decidueye.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30058, Shiny Hisuian Growlithe [Image: 30058-Shiny-Hisuian-Growlithe.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30059, Shiny Hisuian Arcanine [Image: 30059-Shiny-Hisuian-Arcanine.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30100, Shiny Hisuian Voltorb [Image: 30100-Shiny-Hisuian-Voltorb.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30101, Shiny Hisuian Electrode [Image: 30101-Shiny-Hisuian-Electrode.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30157, Shiny Hisuian Typhlosion [Image: 30157-Shiny-Hisuian-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30211, Shiny Hisuian Qwilfish [Image: 30211-Shiny-Hisuian-Qwilfish.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30215, Shiny Hisuian Sneasel [Image: 30215-Shiny-Hisuian-Sneasel.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30503, Shiny Hisuian Samurott [Image: 30503-Shiny-Hisuian-Samurott.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30549, Shiny Hisuian Lilligant [Image: 30549-Shiny-Hisuian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30570, Shiny Hisuian Zorua [Image: 30570-Shiny-Hisuian-Zorua.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30571, Shiny Hisuian Zoroark [Image: 30571-Shiny-Hisuian-Zoroark.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30628, Shiny Hisuian Braviary [Image: 30628-Shiny-Hisuian-Braviary.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30705, Shiny Hisuian Sliggoo [Image: 30705-Shiny-Hisuian-Sliggoo.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30706, Shiny Hisuian Goodra [Image: 30706-Shiny-Hisuian-Goodra.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30713, Shiny Hisuian Avalugg [Image: 30713-Shiny-Hisuian-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 30724, Shiny Hisuian Decidueye [Image: 30724-Shiny-Hisuian-Decidueye.webp]

The stat values of the following Pokemon have been modified. If you have any of the below Pokemon in the game, their stats are updated accordingly to the new stats:
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4741, Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 4741-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6741, Shiny Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 6741-Shiny-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 12069, Arshiram [Image: 12069-Arshiram.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 14069, Shiny Arshiram [Image: 14069-Shiny-Arshiram.webp]

The transformation line of the following Pokemon have been updated. More likely new forms added. For example, new Mega form:
Class: Starter, Id: 1, Bulbasaur [Image: 1-Bulbasaur.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 2, Ivysaur [Image: 2-Ivysaur.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 3, Venusaur [Image: 3-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 4, Charmander [Image: 4-Charmander.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 5, Charmeleon [Image: 5-Charmeleon.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 6, Charizard [Image: 6-Charizard.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 7, Squirtle [Image: 7-Squirtle.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 8, Wartortle [Image: 8-Wartortle.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 9, Blastoise [Image: 9-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 123, Scyther [Image: 123-Scyther.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 155, Cyndaquil [Image: 155-Cyndaquil.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 156, Quilava [Image: 156-Quilava.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 157, Typhlosion [Image: 157-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 212, Scizor [Image: 212-Scizor.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 216, Teddiursa [Image: 216-Teddiursa.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 217, Ursaring [Image: 217-Ursaring.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 234, Stantler [Image: 234-Stantler.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 412, Burmy [Image: 412-Burmy.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 413, Wormadam [Image: 413-Wormadam.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 414, Mothim [Image: 414-Mothim.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 501, Oshawott [Image: 501-Oshawott.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 502, Dewott [Image: 502-Dewott.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 503, Samurott [Image: 503-Samurott.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 515, Panpour [Image: 515-Panpour.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 516, Simipour [Image: 516-Simipour.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 548, Petilil [Image: 548-Petilil.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 549, Lilligant [Image: 549-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 550, Basculin [Image: 550-Basculin.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 597, Ferroseed [Image: 597-Ferroseed.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 598, Ferrothorn [Image: 598-Ferrothorn.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 618, Stunfisk [Image: 618-Stunfisk.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 627, Rufflet [Image: 627-Rufflet.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 628, Braviary [Image: 628-Braviary.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 638, Cobalion [Image: 638-Cobalion.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 704, Goomy [Image: 704-Goomy.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 705, Sliggoo [Image: 705-Sliggoo.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 706, Goodra [Image: 706-Goodra.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 712, Bergmite [Image: 712-Bergmite.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 713, Avalugg [Image: 713-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 722, Rowlet [Image: 722-Rowlet.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 723, Dartrix [Image: 723-Dartrix.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 724, Decidueye [Image: 724-Decidueye.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 751, Dewpider [Image: 751-Dewpider.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 752, Araquanid [Image: 752-Araquanid.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 757, Salandit [Image: 757-Salandit.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 758, Salazzle [Image: 758-Salazzle.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 771, Pyukumuku [Image: 771-Pyukumuku.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 774, Minior [Image: 774-Minior.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 779, Bruxish [Image: 779-Bruxish.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 782, Jangmo o [Image: 782-Jangmo-o.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 783, Hakamo o [Image: 783-Hakamo-o.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 784, Kommo o [Image: 784-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 816, Sobble [Image: 816-Sobble.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 817, Drizzile [Image: 817-Drizzile.webp]
Class: Starter, Id: 818, Inteleon [Image: 818-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 821, Rookidee [Image: 821-Rookidee.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 822, Corvisquire [Image: 822-Corvisquire.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 823, Corviknight [Image: 823-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 827, Nickit [Image: 827-Nickit.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 828, Thievul [Image: 828-Thievul.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 835, Yamper [Image: 835-Yamper.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 836, Boltund [Image: 836-Boltund.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 848, Toxel [Image: 848-Toxel.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 849, Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 849-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 868, Milcery [Image: 868-Milcery.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 869, Alcremie [Image: 869-Alcremie.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 880, Dracozolt [Image: 880-Dracozolt.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 885, Dreepy [Image: 885-Dreepy.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 886, Drakloak [Image: 886-Drakloak.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 887, Dragapult [Image: 887-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2001, Shiny Bulbasaur [Image: 2001-Shiny-Bulbasaur.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2002, Shiny Ivysaur [Image: 2002-Shiny-Ivysaur.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2003, Shiny Venusaur [Image: 2003-Shiny-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2004, Shiny Charmander [Image: 2004-Shiny-Charmander.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2005, Shiny Charmeleon [Image: 2005-Shiny-Charmeleon.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2006, Shiny Charizard [Image: 2006-Shiny-Charizard.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2007, Shiny Squirtle [Image: 2007-Shiny-Squirtle.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2008, Shiny Wartortle [Image: 2008-Shiny-Wartortle.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2009, Shiny Blastoise [Image: 2009-Shiny-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2123, Shiny Scyther [Image: 2123-Shiny-Scyther.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2155, Shiny Cyndaquil [Image: 2155-Shiny-Cyndaquil.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2156, Shiny Quilava [Image: 2156-Shiny-Quilava.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2157, Shiny Typhlosion [Image: 2157-Shiny-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2212, Shiny Scizor [Image: 2212-Shiny-Scizor.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2216, Shiny Teddiursa [Image: 2216-Shiny-Teddiursa.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2217, Shiny Ursaring [Image: 2217-Shiny-Ursaring.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2234, Shiny Stantler [Image: 2234-Shiny-Stantler.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2412, Shiny Burmy [Image: 2412-Shiny-Burmy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2413, Shiny Wormadam [Image: 2413-Shiny-Wormadam.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2414, Shiny Mothim [Image: 2414-Shiny-Mothim.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2501, Shiny Oshawott [Image: 2501-Shiny-Oshawott.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2502, Shiny Dewott [Image: 2502-Shiny-Dewott.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2503, Shiny Samurott [Image: 2503-Shiny-Samurott.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2515, Shiny Panpour [Image: 2515-Shiny-Panpour.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2516, Shiny Simipour [Image: 2516-Shiny-Simipour.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2548, Shiny Petilil [Image: 2548-Shiny-Petilil.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2549, Shiny Lilligant [Image: 2549-Shiny-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2550, Shiny Basculin [Image: 2550-Shiny-Basculin.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2597, Shiny Ferroseed [Image: 2597-Shiny-Ferroseed.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2598, Shiny Ferrothorn [Image: 2598-Shiny-Ferrothorn.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2618, Shiny Stunfisk [Image: 2618-Shiny-Stunfisk.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2627, Shiny Rufflet [Image: 2627-Shiny-Rufflet.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2628, Shiny Braviary [Image: 2628-Shiny-Braviary.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2638, Shiny Cobalion [Image: 2638-Shiny-Cobalion.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2704, Shiny Goomy [Image: 2704-Shiny-Goomy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2705, Shiny Sliggoo [Image: 2705-Shiny-Sliggoo.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2706, Shiny Goodra [Image: 2706-Shiny-Goodra.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2712, Shiny Bergmite [Image: 2712-Shiny-Bergmite.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2713, Shiny Avalugg [Image: 2713-Shiny-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2722, Shiny Rowlet [Image: 2722-Shiny-Rowlet.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2723, Shiny Dartrix [Image: 2723-Shiny-Dartrix.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2724, Shiny Decidueye [Image: 2724-Shiny-Decidueye.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2751, Shiny Dewpider [Image: 2751-Shiny-Dewpider.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2752, Shiny Araquanid [Image: 2752-Shiny-Araquanid.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2757, Shiny Salandit [Image: 2757-Shiny-Salandit.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2758, Shiny Salazzle [Image: 2758-Shiny-Salazzle.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2771, Shiny Pyukumuku [Image: 2771-Shiny-Pyukumuku.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2774, Shiny Minior [Image: 2774-Shiny-Minior.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2779, Shiny Bruxish [Image: 2779-Shiny-Bruxish.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2782, Shiny Jangmo o [Image: 2782-Shiny-Jangmo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2783, Shiny Hakamo o [Image: 2783-Shiny-Hakamo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2784, Shiny Kommo o [Image: 2784-Shiny-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2816, Shiny Sobble [Image: 2816-Shiny-Sobble.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2817, Shiny Drizzile [Image: 2817-Shiny-Drizzile.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2818, Shiny Inteleon [Image: 2818-Shiny-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2821, Shiny Rookidee [Image: 2821-Shiny-Rookidee.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2822, Shiny Corvisquire [Image: 2822-Shiny-Corvisquire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2823, Shiny Corviknight [Image: 2823-Shiny-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2827, Shiny Nickit [Image: 2827-Shiny-Nickit.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2828, Shiny Thievul [Image: 2828-Shiny-Thievul.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2835, Shiny Yamper [Image: 2835-Shiny-Yamper.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2836, Shiny Boltund [Image: 2836-Shiny-Boltund.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2848, Shiny Toxel [Image: 2848-Shiny-Toxel.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2849, Shiny Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 2849-Shiny-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2868, Shiny Milcery [Image: 2868-Shiny-Milcery.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2869, Shiny Alcremie [Image: 2869-Shiny-Alcremie.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2880, Shiny Dracozolt [Image: 2880-Shiny-Dracozolt.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2885, Shiny Dreepy [Image: 2885-Shiny-Dreepy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2886, Shiny Drakloak [Image: 2886-Shiny-Drakloak.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2887, Shiny Dragapult [Image: 2887-Shiny-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4010, Wormadam Sandy [Image: 4010-Wormadam-Sandy.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4011, Wormadam Trash [Image: 4011-Wormadam-Trash.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 4012, Burmy Sandy [Image: 4012-Burmy-Sandy.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 4013, Burmy Trash [Image: 4013-Burmy-Trash.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4741, Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 4741-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4774, Minior Meteor [Image: 4774-Minior-Meteor.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4849, Toxtricity Amped [Image: 4849-Toxtricity-Amped.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4864, Alcremie Blueberry [Image: 4864-Alcremie-Blueberry.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4865, Alcremie Heart [Image: 4865-Alcremie-Heart.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4866, Alcremie Lemon [Image: 4866-Alcremie-Lemon.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4867, Alcremie Matcha [Image: 4867-Alcremie-Matcha.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4868, Alcremie Flower [Image: 4868-Alcremie-Flower.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4869, Alcremie Marshmallow [Image: 4869-Alcremie-Marshmallow.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4876, Indeedee F [Image: 4876-Indeedee-F.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6010, Shiny Wormadam Sandy [Image: 6010-Shiny-Wormadam-Sandy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6011, Shiny Wormadam Trash [Image: 6011-Shiny-Wormadam-Trash.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6012, Shiny Burmy Sandy [Image: 6012-Shiny-Burmy-Sandy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6013, Shiny Burmy Trash [Image: 6013-Shiny-Burmy-Trash.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6741, Shiny Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 6741-Shiny-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6774, Shiny Minior Meteor [Image: 6774-Shiny-Minior-Meteor.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6849, Shiny Toxtricity Amped [Image: 6849-Shiny-Toxtricity-Amped.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6864, Shiny Alcremie Blueberry [Image: 6864-Shiny-Alcremie-Blueberry.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6865, Shiny Alcremie Heart [Image: 6865-Shiny-Alcremie-Heart.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6866, Shiny Alcremie Lemon [Image: 6866-Shiny-Alcremie-Lemon.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6867, Shiny Alcremie Matcha [Image: 6867-Shiny-Alcremie-Matcha.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6868, Shiny Alcremie Flower [Image: 6868-Shiny-Alcremie-Flower.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6869, Shiny Alcremie Marshmallow [Image: 6869-Shiny-Alcremie-Marshmallow.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6876, Shiny Indeedee F [Image: 6876-Shiny-Indeedee-F.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8003, Mega Venusaur [Image: 8003-Mega-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8005, Mega Charizard [Image: 8005-Mega-Charizard.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8006, Mega Charizard Y [Image: 8006-Mega-Charizard-Y.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8009, Mega Blastoise [Image: 8009-Mega-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8155, Mega Typhlosion Frost [Image: 8155-Mega-Typhlosion-Frost.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8156, Mega Typhlosion Lava [Image: 8156-Mega-Typhlosion-Lava.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8157, Mega Typhlosion [Image: 8157-Mega-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8212, Mega Scizor [Image: 8212-Mega-Scizor.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8215, Mega Scizor Dusk [Image: 8215-Mega-Scizor-Dusk.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8217, Mega Ursaring [Image: 8217-Mega-Ursaring.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8234, Mega Stantler [Image: 8234-Mega-Stantler.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8414, Mega Mothim [Image: 8414-Mega-Mothim.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8503, Mega Samurott [Image: 8503-Mega-Samurott.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8549, Mega Lilligant [Image: 8549-Mega-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8550, Mega Basculin [Image: 8550-Mega-Basculin.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8628, Mega Braviary [Image: 8628-Mega-Braviary.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8706, Mega Goodra [Image: 8706-Mega-Goodra.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8713, Mega Avalugg [Image: 8713-Mega-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8724, Mega Decidueye [Image: 8724-Mega-Decidueye.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8725, Mega Decidueye Sniper [Image: 8725-Mega-Decidueye-Sniper.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10003, Shiny Mega Venusaur [Image: 10003-Shiny-Mega-Venusaur.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10005, Shiny Mega Charizard [Image: 10005-Shiny-Mega-Charizard.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10006, Shiny Mega Charizard Y [Image: 10006-Shiny-Mega-Charizard-Y.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10009, Shiny Mega Blastoise [Image: 10009-Shiny-Mega-Blastoise.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10155, Shiny Mega Typhlosion Frost [Image: 10155-Shiny-Mega-Typhlosion-Frost.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10156, Shiny Mega Typhlosion Lava [Image: 10156-Shiny-Mega-Typhlosion-Lava.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10157, Shiny Mega Typhlosion [Image: 10157-Shiny-Mega-Typhlosion.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10212, Shiny Mega Scizor [Image: 10212-Shiny-Mega-Scizor.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10215, Shiny Mega Scizor Dusk [Image: 10215-Shiny-Mega-Scizor-Dusk.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10217, Shiny Mega Ursaring [Image: 10217-Shiny-Mega-Ursaring.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10234, Shiny Mega Stantler [Image: 10234-Shiny-Mega-Stantler.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10414, Shiny Mega Mothim [Image: 10414-Shiny-Mega-Mothim.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10503, Shiny Mega Samurott [Image: 10503-Shiny-Mega-Samurott.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10549, Shiny Mega Lilligant [Image: 10549-Shiny-Mega-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10550, Shiny Mega Basculin [Image: 10550-Shiny-Mega-Basculin.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10628, Shiny Mega Braviary [Image: 10628-Shiny-Mega-Braviary.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10706, Shiny Mega Goodra [Image: 10706-Shiny-Mega-Goodra.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10713, Shiny Mega Avalugg [Image: 10713-Shiny-Mega-Avalugg.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10724, Shiny Mega Decidueye [Image: 10724-Shiny-Mega-Decidueye.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10725, Shiny Mega Decidueye Sniper [Image: 10725-Shiny-Mega-Decidueye-Sniper.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 12036, Dianeas [Image: 12036-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 14036, Shiny Dianeas [Image: 14036-Shiny-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16050, Alolan Diglett [Image: 16050-Alolan-Diglett.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16051, Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 16051-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18050, Shiny Alolan Diglett [Image: 18050-Shiny-Alolan-Diglett.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18051, Shiny Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 18051-Shiny-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24036, Giga Dianeas [Image: 24036-Giga-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24818, Giga Inteleon [Image: 24818-Giga-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24823, Giga Corviknight [Image: 24823-Giga-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24849, Giga Toxtricity [Image: 24849-Giga-Toxtricity.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24869, Giga Alcremie [Image: 24869-Giga-Alcremie.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26036, Shiny Giga Dianeas [Image: 26036-Shiny-Giga-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26818, Shiny Giga Inteleon [Image: 26818-Shiny-Giga-Inteleon.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26823, Shiny Giga Corviknight [Image: 26823-Shiny-Giga-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26849, Shiny Giga Toxtricity [Image: 26849-Shiny-Giga-Toxtricity.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26869, Shiny Giga Alcremie [Image: 26869-Shiny-Giga-Alcremie.webp]

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