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Test Server V5 Changes

For stats changes to be updated, put storage and take back your Pokemon

The following Pokemon have been newly added to the game:
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4347, Milotic Golden [Image: 4347-Milotic-Golden.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 4349, Feebas Golden [Image: 4349-Feebas-Golden.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 4532, Timburr Log [Image: 4532-Timburr-Log.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4533, Gurdurr Log [Image: 4533-Gurdurr-Log.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4636, Larvesta Ancient [Image: 4636-Larvesta-Ancient.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4637, Volcarona Ancient [Image: 4637-Volcarona-Ancient.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6347, Shiny Milotic Golden [Image: 6347-Shiny-Milotic-Golden.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6349, Shiny Feebas Golden [Image: 6349-Shiny-Feebas-Golden.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6532, Shiny Timburr Log [Image: 6532-Shiny-Timburr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6533, Shiny Gurdurr Log [Image: 6533-Shiny-Gurdurr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6636, Shiny Larvesta Ancient [Image: 6636-Shiny-Larvesta-Ancient.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6637, Shiny Volcarona Ancient [Image: 6637-Shiny-Volcarona-Ancient.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 16193, Galarian Yanma [Image: 16193-Galarian-Yanma.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16249, Galarian Lugia [Image: 16249-Galarian-Lugia.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16469, Galarian Yanmega [Image: 16469-Galarian-Yanmega.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16486, Galarian Regigigas [Image: 16486-Galarian-Regigigas.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16548, Galarian Petilil [Image: 16548-Galarian-Petilil.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16549, Galarian Lilligant [Image: 16549-Galarian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16602, Galarian Tynamo [Image: 16602-Galarian-Tynamo.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 16603, Galarian Eelektrik [Image: 16603-Galarian-Eelektrik.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 16604, Galarian Eelektross [Image: 16604-Galarian-Eelektross.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16641, Galarian Tornadus [Image: 16641-Galarian-Tornadus.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16642, Galarian Thundurus [Image: 16642-Galarian-Thundurus.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 16645, Galarian Landorus [Image: 16645-Galarian-Landorus.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17641, Galarian Tornadus Therian [Image: 17641-Galarian-Tornadus-Therian.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17642, Galarian Thundurus Therian [Image: 17642-Galarian-Thundurus-Therian.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 17645, Galarian Landorus Therian [Image: 17645-Galarian-Landorus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18193, Shiny Galarian Yanma [Image: 18193-Shiny-Galarian-Yanma.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18249, Shiny Galarian Lugia [Image: 18249-Shiny-Galarian-Lugia.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18469, Shiny Galarian Yanmega [Image: 18469-Shiny-Galarian-Yanmega.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18486, Shiny Galarian Regigigas [Image: 18486-Shiny-Galarian-Regigigas.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18548, Shiny Galarian Petilil [Image: 18548-Shiny-Galarian-Petilil.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18549, Shiny Galarian Lilligant [Image: 18549-Shiny-Galarian-Lilligant.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18602, Shiny Galarian Tynamo [Image: 18602-Shiny-Galarian-Tynamo.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18603, Shiny Galarian Eelektrik [Image: 18603-Shiny-Galarian-Eelektrik.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18604, Shiny Galarian Eelektross [Image: 18604-Shiny-Galarian-Eelektross.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18641, Shiny Galarian Tornadus [Image: 18641-Shiny-Galarian-Tornadus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18642, Shiny Galarian Thundurus [Image: 18642-Shiny-Galarian-Thundurus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18645, Shiny Galarian Landorus [Image: 18645-Shiny-Galarian-Landorus.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19641, Shiny Galarian Tornadus Therian [Image: 19641-Shiny-Galarian-Tornadus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19642, Shiny Galarian Thundurus Therian [Image: 19642-Shiny-Galarian-Thundurus-Therian.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 19645, Shiny Galarian Landorus Therian [Image: 19645-Shiny-Galarian-Landorus-Therian.webp]

The transformation line of the following Pokemon have been updated. More likely new forms added. For example, new Mega form:
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4534, Conkeldurr Log [Image: 4534-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6534, Shiny Conkeldurr Log [Image: 6534-Shiny-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Thank you for sharing
caught some of these new pokemon the galarian forces of nature my favorite out of the list

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