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Test Server V4 Changes

For stats changes to be updated, put storage and take back your Pokemon

The features of the following Pokemon moves have been modified or at least their description have been updated:
[*] Spite, Type: Ghost, Category: Status, Base Power: 1, Accuracy: 100, PP: 10, Priority: 0 : Spite reduces the enemy’s last used move’s PP by 4 points.

The following Pokemon have been newly added to the game:
Class: Rare, Id: 4039, Pikachu Lightning [Image: 4039-Pikachu-Lightning.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4128, Tauros Ice [Image: 4128-Tauros-Ice.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4534, Conkeldurr Log [Image: 4534-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4552, Krokorok Dive [Image: 4552-Krokorok-Dive.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 4708, Phantump Fire [Image: 4708-Phantump-Fire.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4709, Trevenant Fire [Image: 4709-Trevenant-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6039, Shiny Pikachu Lightning [Image: 6039-Shiny-Pikachu-Lightning.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6128, Shiny Tauros Ice [Image: 6128-Shiny-Tauros-Ice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6534, Shiny Conkeldurr Log [Image: 6534-Shiny-Conkeldurr-Log.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6552, Shiny Krokorok Dive [Image: 6552-Shiny-Krokorok-Dive.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6708, Shiny Phantump Fire [Image: 6708-Shiny-Phantump-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6709, Shiny Trevenant Fire [Image: 6709-Shiny-Trevenant-Fire.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8516, Mega Simipour [Image: 8516-Mega-Simipour.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8739, Mega Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 8739-Mega-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8784, Mega Kommo o [Image: 8784-Mega-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8823, Mega Corviknight [Image: 8823-Mega-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8849, Mega Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 8849-Mega-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 8887, Mega Dragapult [Image: 8887-Mega-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10516, Shiny Mega Simipour [Image: 10516-Shiny-Mega-Simipour.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10739, Shiny Mega Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 10739-Shiny-Mega-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10784, Shiny Mega Kommo o [Image: 10784-Shiny-Mega-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10823, Shiny Mega Corviknight [Image: 10823-Shiny-Mega-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10849, Shiny Mega Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 10849-Shiny-Mega-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 10887, Shiny Mega Dragapult [Image: 10887-Shiny-Mega-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 12070, Gardenice [Image: 12070-Gardenice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 14070, Shiny Gardenice [Image: 14070-Shiny-Gardenice.webp]
Class: Mega, Id: 20051, Mega Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 20051-Mega-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Mega-S, Id: 22051, Shiny Mega Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 22051-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]

The stat values of the following Pokemon have been modified. If you have any of the below Pokemon in the game, their stats are updated accordingly to the new stats:
Class: Legendary, Id: 4147, Mewtwo Mecha [Image: 4147-Mewtwo-Mecha.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4741, Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 4741-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5069, Arshiram Ground [Image: 5069-Arshiram-Ground.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5070, Arshiram Rock [Image: 5070-Arshiram-Rock.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5071, Arshiram Bug [Image: 5071-Arshiram-Bug.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5072, Arshiram Grass [Image: 5072-Arshiram-Grass.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5073, Arshiram Electric [Image: 5073-Arshiram-Electric.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5074, Arshiram Fairy [Image: 5074-Arshiram-Fairy.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5075, Arshiram Flying [Image: 5075-Arshiram-Flying.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5076, Arshiram Poison [Image: 5076-Arshiram-Poison.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5077, Arshiram Ice [Image: 5077-Arshiram-Ice.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5078, Arshiram Ghost [Image: 5078-Arshiram-Ghost.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5079, Arshiram Steel [Image: 5079-Arshiram-Steel.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5080, Arshiram Dragon [Image: 5080-Arshiram-Dragon.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5081, Arshiram Water [Image: 5081-Arshiram-Water.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5082, Arshiram Fighting [Image: 5082-Arshiram-Fighting.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5083, Arshiram Psychic [Image: 5083-Arshiram-Psychic.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5084, Arshiram Fire [Image: 5084-Arshiram-Fire.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 5085, Arshiram Dark [Image: 5085-Arshiram-Dark.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6147, Shiny Mewtwo Mecha [Image: 6147-Shiny-Mewtwo-Mecha.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6741, Shiny Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 6741-Shiny-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7069, Shiny Arshiram Ground [Image: 7069-Shiny-Arshiram-Ground.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7070, Shiny Arshiram Rock [Image: 7070-Shiny-Arshiram-Rock.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7071, Shiny Arshiram Bug [Image: 7071-Shiny-Arshiram-Bug.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7072, Shiny Arshiram Grass [Image: 7072-Shiny-Arshiram-Grass.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7073, Shiny Arshiram Electric [Image: 7073-Shiny-Arshiram-Electric.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7074, Shiny Arshiram Fairy [Image: 7074-Shiny-Arshiram-Fairy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7075, Shiny Arshiram Flying [Image: 7075-Shiny-Arshiram-Flying.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7076, Shiny Arshiram Poison [Image: 7076-Shiny-Arshiram-Poison.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7077, Shiny Arshiram Ice [Image: 7077-Shiny-Arshiram-Ice.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7078, Shiny Arshiram Ghost [Image: 7078-Shiny-Arshiram-Ghost.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7079, Shiny Arshiram Steel [Image: 7079-Shiny-Arshiram-Steel.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7080, Shiny Arshiram Dragon [Image: 7080-Shiny-Arshiram-Dragon.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7081, Shiny Arshiram Water [Image: 7081-Shiny-Arshiram-Water.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7082, Shiny Arshiram Fighting [Image: 7082-Shiny-Arshiram-Fighting.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7083, Shiny Arshiram Psychic [Image: 7083-Shiny-Arshiram-Psychic.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7084, Shiny Arshiram Fire [Image: 7084-Shiny-Arshiram-Fire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 7085, Shiny Arshiram Dark [Image: 7085-Shiny-Arshiram-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9036, Mega Dianeas [Image: 9036-Mega-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9037, Mega Dianeas Bug [Image: 9037-Mega-Dianeas-Bug.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9038, Mega Dianeas Dark [Image: 9038-Mega-Dianeas-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9039, Mega Dianeas Dragon [Image: 9039-Mega-Dianeas-Dragon.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9040, Mega Dianeas Electric [Image: 9040-Mega-Dianeas-Electric.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9041, Mega Dianeas Fighting [Image: 9041-Mega-Dianeas-Fighting.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9042, Mega Dianeas Fire [Image: 9042-Mega-Dianeas-Fire.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9043, Mega Dianeas Flying [Image: 9043-Mega-Dianeas-Flying.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9044, Mega Dianeas Ghost [Image: 9044-Mega-Dianeas-Ghost.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9045, Mega Dianeas Steel [Image: 9045-Mega-Dianeas-Steel.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9046, Mega Dianeas Grass [Image: 9046-Mega-Dianeas-Grass.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9047, Mega Dianeas Ground [Image: 9047-Mega-Dianeas-Ground.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9048, Mega Dianeas Ice [Image: 9048-Mega-Dianeas-Ice.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9049, Mega Dianeas Normal [Image: 9049-Mega-Dianeas-Normal.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9050, Mega Dianeas Poison [Image: 9050-Mega-Dianeas-Poison.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9051, Mega Dianeas Psychic [Image: 9051-Mega-Dianeas-Psychic.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9052, Mega Dianeas Rock [Image: 9052-Mega-Dianeas-Rock.webp]
Class: Mega Legendary, Id: 9053, Mega Dianeas Water [Image: 9053-Mega-Dianeas-Water.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11036, Shiny Mega Dianeas [Image: 11036-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11037, Shiny Mega Dianeas Bug [Image: 11037-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Bug.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11038, Shiny Mega Dianeas Dark [Image: 11038-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Dark.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11039, Shiny Mega Dianeas Dragon [Image: 11039-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Dragon.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11040, Shiny Mega Dianeas Electric [Image: 11040-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Electric.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11041, Shiny Mega Dianeas Fighting [Image: 11041-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Fighting.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11042, Shiny Mega Dianeas Fire [Image: 11042-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Fire.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11043, Shiny Mega Dianeas Flying [Image: 11043-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Flying.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11044, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ghost [Image: 11044-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ghost.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11045, Shiny Mega Dianeas Steel [Image: 11045-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Steel.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11046, Shiny Mega Dianeas Grass [Image: 11046-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Grass.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11047, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ground [Image: 11047-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ground.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11048, Shiny Mega Dianeas Ice [Image: 11048-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Ice.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11049, Shiny Mega Dianeas Normal [Image: 11049-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Normal.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11050, Shiny Mega Dianeas Poison [Image: 11050-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Poison.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11051, Shiny Mega Dianeas Psychic [Image: 11051-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Psychic.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11052, Shiny Mega Dianeas Rock [Image: 11052-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Rock.webp]
Class: Mega Shiny Legendary, Id: 11053, Shiny Mega Dianeas Water [Image: 11053-Shiny-Mega-Dianeas-Water.webp]
Class: Legendary, Id: 12069, Arshiram [Image: 12069-Arshiram.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 14069, Shiny Arshiram [Image: 14069-Shiny-Arshiram.webp]

The transformation line of the following Pokemon have been updated. More likely new forms added. For example, new Mega form:
Class: Common, Id: 515, Panpour [Image: 515-Panpour.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 516, Simipour [Image: 516-Simipour.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 782, Jangmo o [Image: 782-Jangmo-o.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 783, Hakamo o [Image: 783-Hakamo-o.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 784, Kommo o [Image: 784-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 821, Rookidee [Image: 821-Rookidee.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 822, Corvisquire [Image: 822-Corvisquire.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 823, Corviknight [Image: 823-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 848, Toxel [Image: 848-Toxel.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 849, Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 849-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 885, Dreepy [Image: 885-Dreepy.webp]
Class: Uncommon, Id: 886, Drakloak [Image: 886-Drakloak.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 887, Dragapult [Image: 887-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2515, Shiny Panpour [Image: 2515-Shiny-Panpour.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2516, Shiny Simipour [Image: 2516-Shiny-Simipour.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2782, Shiny Jangmo o [Image: 2782-Shiny-Jangmo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2783, Shiny Hakamo o [Image: 2783-Shiny-Hakamo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2784, Shiny Kommo o [Image: 2784-Shiny-Kommo-o.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2821, Shiny Rookidee [Image: 2821-Shiny-Rookidee.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2822, Shiny Corvisquire [Image: 2822-Shiny-Corvisquire.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2823, Shiny Corviknight [Image: 2823-Shiny-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2848, Shiny Toxel [Image: 2848-Shiny-Toxel.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2849, Shiny Toxtricity Lowkey [Image: 2849-Shiny-Toxtricity-Lowkey.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2885, Shiny Dreepy [Image: 2885-Shiny-Dreepy.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2886, Shiny Drakloak [Image: 2886-Shiny-Drakloak.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 2887, Shiny Dragapult [Image: 2887-Shiny-Dragapult.webp]
Class: Ultra Rare, Id: 4741, Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 4741-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 4849, Toxtricity Amped [Image: 4849-Toxtricity-Amped.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6741, Shiny Oricorio Pom Pom [Image: 6741-Shiny-Oricorio-Pom-Pom.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 6849, Shiny Toxtricity Amped [Image: 6849-Shiny-Toxtricity-Amped.webp]
Class: Common, Id: 16050, Alolan Diglett [Image: 16050-Alolan-Diglett.webp]
Class: Rare, Id: 16051, Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 16051-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18050, Shiny Alolan Diglett [Image: 18050-Shiny-Alolan-Diglett.webp]
Class: Shiny, Id: 18051, Shiny Alolan Dugtrio [Image: 18051-Shiny-Alolan-Dugtrio.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24823, Giga Corviknight [Image: 24823-Giga-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Giga, Id: 24849, Giga Toxtricity [Image: 24849-Giga-Toxtricity.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26823, Shiny Giga Corviknight [Image: 26823-Shiny-Giga-Corviknight.webp]
Class: Giga-S, Id: 26849, Shiny Giga Toxtricity [Image: 26849-Shiny-Giga-Toxtricity.webp]

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