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The Lazy CM Service Area (TLCsa for short)

Services this lazy cm can be persuaded to provide? 

1. Ev Training
  ~1mil per 252 ev's, if fully ev'ing a poke the extra 6 ev's will be done but not charged for (would be laughable if I did :3)
  ~5k per 10 ev's to be removed (totally fair it'd cost you the same to do it yourself)

2. Exp Training
  ~1mil per 5mil exp no additional charge if the remainder to level 100 would be less than 2.5mil exp

3. Avatars/ Forum Signatures
   ~ Minimum 100k for avatars/200k for signatures

4. (Other Miscellaneous Services)
   ~ Fill me in on what else you might want me to do , and we'll talk price if I'm willing to do it :3

Now that I've listed the services I can currently provide it is time for me to discuss my methods and whatnot. 
  • I Reserve the right to refuse any client and to waive or otherwise change the fee/other terms prior to taking on the offered job.
  • For services #1-3 I have a same day guarantee or it's free clause (Meaning the job will be completed prior to rank update of the day accepted)
  • I'd prefer you not include held items on pokemon offered to my care as I cannot guarantee the return of said items
Oh finally set on prices?
Can and will recommend Big Grin

M30 - Galliant

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