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I'm not sure how others feel about this, but me, personally, I find it really tedious to have a low level pokemon *especially that has a low amount of exp to gain* gain all of it's exp at like level 28, and then me have to battle 72 wild pokemon just to get it to level 100. If there is a way, I would like for it to be just like the official pokemon games where when you gain so much exp, it just takes you directly to the level instead of piling up, and then you having to waste time to fight pokemon just to get it level 100. Of course, I will still enjoy this game if this is dislike, and not added or not possible. This is just my suggestion. Thanks. (:
This could be neat because I know how it feels to battle 50+ times just to finish the exp load but then again its not a big problem. These minor changes Tongue
It's just sometimes it's tedious, and gets annoying after a while. Especially after you have been leveling pokemon like that all day. Smile
ah due to system design u cant get multiple levels at once
Ahh, ok. Thanks anyways! Smile

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