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Storage Box -> "Favourites"
In-line with previous suggestion regarding keeping existing party "always on top" when viewing the pokemon storage list, would it also be possible to implement an additional filter. A "Favourites" filter.

This would work by "marking" a pokemon as a "Favourite".
This way you could mark your "primary team" - likely EV trained or for PvP specific, yet still use alternatives to level them up or simply to mix up the situation.

In this sense it could be extended to mark, for example, up to 3? Teams worth of pokemon as different (custom named) favourites lists.

"Add to Favourites [PvP]"
"Add to Favourites [Elite Arena]"
"Add to Favourites [Training Purpose]"

Names in brackets are examples, of custom names.
Limited to 20~25 characters.

Then when filtering out the pokemon list by their "location" (Party, Market, Trades, Storage, etc.) you could also filter by individual filter.
yes this should be added in v3

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