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Some evolutions I found
Minun and Plusle mega form: (I'm still trying to find Okosan but no prevail. I'm leaving this up for now until I can find the original author. The picture's everywhere.)

Mega Wigglytuff:

Pachirisu evolution: (Can you guys handle funnyjunk pencil drawings?)

Mega Pachirisu:

Of course all of these aren't mine however.

Edit: I think I found Okosan.

Also I have said this before and I don't know if this has been solved or not, but the Pichu we probably currently have now is an ukulele Pichu, they are not the normal kind of Pichus. I suggest making them separate and adding a regular Pichu  in the variety of Pichus we can hunt for or "breed" (Like buy an  ukulele in a shop and make the Pichus breed the ukulele Pichus)  As well as a  rare Spike Ear Pichu that is only obtainable in repeatable events however I would like for their stats to be 2 times higher than a normal Pichu (Which would be a little above Pikachu) to make up for their no evolution problem.
we need permission from drawing artists otherwise we can not use
(2015-10-29, 10:24 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: we need permission from drawing artists otherwise we can not use

Okosan left DA and is on Furaffinity and Tumblr. I assume that it is the real one. You can contact her/him on one of  those sites. I have already given a link ("I think I found okosan")

Marix20 can be contacted on DA

Not sure about the Pachirisu one. Kinda ameture compared to the other ones so I wouldn't really use it with or without permission. Kinda destroys the great artstyle the other Pokemon have.  I just included her because Pachirisu needs a Mega form.

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