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Smash 4

I am so hyped for this, anyone else?
I grew up playing SSBB and hearing that the Fourth comes this year, I just can't help but be excited.

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Still no Meta Knight. You think he'll come back?
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Duuude super smash bros. brawl is awsome but nintendo has slipped too much so i wont be getting it. Also sold my wii couple years ago anyway. Wish i could play it again though.
Smash 4 is on 3DS and Wii U
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Yup sadly dont have either and older models dont have wifi. I wish it was on playstation they would make tons.
I wish too xD But I hope to get a 3DS soon.
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I wouldnt mind a 3DS , but with all the sweet games coming for ps4 i dont think i can get it right now. I still have ds lite though Wink
im so psyched, but im curious as to what the storyline will be like, if they have one they need to top brawl's somehow.
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Brawl was so intense, yet loveable. Not a ragegame, yet a game to rage at.

S4 will be so insane. My 3DS is ready for you~
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