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[Image: 2znmtrs.png]

When playing a child-friendly game, there should be a limit, and I believe this exceeds the limit. I hate to say it, but this is implying bestiality, and I'm sick of seeing stuff like this. It's part of the reason I hardly play anymore. Weirdos like this get on, and say weird stuff like this, and it angers me to see that nothing is, or has been done about this, and I'm sure others agree. Kids, and even adults, get on, and break the rules constantly, mostly by saying weird stuff like this, and roleplaying, and a whole other range of things, and enough is enough. I would like for something to be done about this, because reading this? It's disgusting, and no child should ever have to be subjected to this kind of behavior.
was this in the english chat?
if i see that happen again i'll deal with them personal and CMs should keep on the look out as well. There will be no more role playing in the general chat since people seem to take it to the next levelSmileSmile.
well this kind of talking ban reason
Thank you so much for understanding! This is truly sickening to see, and I don't think any child should be subjected to such behavior.
yikes..I see what you mean! This is bad.. Michael Jackson Rumors bad..
[Image: 2gtajye.png]
I wish I could help but I am not more CM

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