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Shiny Vaporeon-Skull?
Okay, I think I said this when i was still using TheBuzzyBeetle, not sure, but Shiny Vaporeon-Skull lacks the defining skull. Can someone do something about that? Thanks in advance
I just started playing Pokemon Masters since the Brendan/Treecko banner and I'm loving the game so far. One thing I noticed that I haven't seen posted in the community much however is the loading screen. I think that the overall UI of the game is nice, however the loading screen feel dated, choppy/laggy, and it kinda takes me out of the game. As a suggestion for the developers, I think a cleaner loading screen would be a big improvement. Instead of the large hexagonal design directly in the middle, why not opt for a small circle in the bottom right hand corner? Do we need an entirely new screen at all, or could the screen just pause instead? This is just a thought! I think this game could grow to be really special!

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