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Shinies that I'm missing
1. Shiny Charmander Shiny Charmeleon Shiny Squirtle Shiny Wartortle Shiny Blastoise Shiny Bulbasaur Shiny Ivysaur Shiny Venusaur Shiny Palkia Shiny Slakoth Shiny Shuckle Shiny Articuno Shiny Moltres Shiny Raikou Shiny Entei Shiny Suicune Shiny Lugia Shiny Hoenn Starters Shiny Johto Starters Shiny Sinnoh Starters Shiny Unova Starters Shiny Kalos Starters and Shiny Alola Starters Shiny Celebi Shiny Larvitar Pupitar and Tyranitar Shiny Aron Lairon and Aggron
One thing that's always confused me is the Pokémon Masters supports the ability to have daily sales, but I think we've seen them utilised all of one time. I had an idea that maybe on the last day of each month the game can have a one day sale that's generated based off metadata that DENA has collected about the game for the month.

The items for sale will be a limited number of the 5~ least collected items for the month. They will only be available on the last day of the month and have slightly marked down prices from what they normally sell for.

So for example, let's say not many people manage to get any Elite Four Notes this month. The end of the month Bazaar would be able to use that data to automatically generate a sale for this item. All DENA would have to do is put pricing metadata in for each item and pick an arbitrary percentage to discount by.
it fits the supportive playstyle of Lillie's pokemon. It has moves like screens, life dew, and even sing.
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