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Sell Pokemon to NPC prices
If you did want to entertain the idea of having IVs and level factor into prices the formula would looks something like this

Base Price * (Total IVs / 360) * (Level / 100)

^Compares your values to the maximum values. But it spit out some rather lower numbers so I tweaked it, as shown in the picture below, which I couldn't attach for some reason. The second formula, spits out more fair percentages. I can further tweak it if you'd like, changing the emphasis to be more IV heavy or level heavy.

Now if you notice most of the percents are low, so you'd have to up your base prices a little bit. I thought about the fact that now you can pay to change IVs, and it wouldn't be worth it to pay to change them just to sell them under this formula.
I was going to ask that only the pokemon center managing team page reverted to previous layout. Now, after reading hotice's idea, I think all manage team buttons leading to the ManageMonstersStore page be reverted to previous version. 

Instead of putting the buttons where we can easily misclick. (Popup doesn't help all that much sometimes), put the ivs max/ nature change in the details page. For those pokemon that do not have max ivs or nature change, use a grey gem marker instead of red. And the grey gem is the button we click to buy change ivs/nature. Small buttons are harder to click, especially on phones where I misclick 70% of buttons.

And like hotice said, make the release pokemon button into a sell pokemon button. except we could make it sound nicer. Something like:
"Pokemon Liberation of Anonymous Shunned Monsters Association would like to offer you xxx gold to rehabilitate your Pokemon in the wild. Would you like to accept?"
From my point of view, yes, most players won't sell shinies for below 6m. But that does not mean setting npc sell prices of less than 6m would mean the npc is a useless and unused feature. Why? Because sometimes there is this super expensive thing on the market. And its really good. So you want it. And its so good, its probably going to sell as soon as someone with enough money has it. Say its a 50m shiny. You can sell 10 shinies immediately and buy the thing you want. Without this npc feature, 10 shinies would likely take 2-3 days to sell even though they are at the the minimum price range. However, we can't make it too little compared to minimum prices. Something slightly below would be perfect.

From my experience and observations in market, I suggest:
Shiny Legendary: 6,000,000 : 6m Gold
Shiny: 5,000,000 : 5m
Starter: 3,000,000 : 3m
Everything else is good.

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