Poll: Do you want to make the Pokédex Event seasonal?
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Yes. Make it yearly, so it resets once every year.
Yes. Make it normal seasonal (like ELO, Tournament), so it resets once every 3 months.
No. Never reset the Pokédex Event.
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Seasonal Pokédex Event
Hello, guys.

My idea here is to make the Pokédex Event seasonal (similar to Endless Tower, ELO, Tournaments and badges). 
The idea is to make it seasonal yearly: Once every year, the Pokédex Event will reset and everyone on the top (similar with Tournaments, etc...) will get rewards: the higher on the ranking, the better the rewards.

Since this will be yearly, the rewards will be 4 times better compared with the other seasons. To post an example:
Top 1 (anyone on top 1) would get:
Gold Medals: 20
Silver Medals: 1.200
Shiny Eggs: 120

The rest of the tiers will get rewards. The proportion will be, compared with any current season rewards:
Gold: x 40
Gold Medals: x4
Silver Medals: x8
Shiny Eggs: x8

Optionally, we can also reset the Tier Rewards for the Pokédex Event, so everytime you capture every pokémon of one category (Common, Uncommon, etc...) you also get Gold Medals (the way it is now).

Before you think: "resetting yearly won't give you enough time to complete the Pokédex Event. You are nuts!", consider something:
- Account Bound Items (Shiny Amulet) boosts the Escape Counter.
- Prestige Level boosts the Global Escape Counter by a percentage.
Combining both, you can potentially boost the chances of finding shinies by a lot.
- There are 2406 pokémon to capture on the pokédex event, but only 1203 are shinies. That means you need to capture around 3 - 4 shinies a day to make it in time.
- There are players (example, KostasK) who managed to complete the Pokédex Event fully in 6 months:
[Image: TuPx1Tw.png]

Please answer on the poll with what you want, and feel free to write here your opinion about it.

Have a nice day!
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Awesome idea. Every year is awesome
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Every year is awesome
Hello, have a great gaming experience.
It's not easy at all World's Hardest Game.
I like pikachu
Me too. I like pikachu too
I also enjoy playing the video game retro bowl Feel free to join and play with me if you have any free time.

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