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Screenshots I'll make
Lets start...
This is the Endless Tower battle(Shot 1)
It wont use Bounce after Tympole's Water Immunity+Confusion Immunity,lol(Shot 2)
Im probably gna faint Tympole so I dont go INFINITY,lol.
(I did)

-_-Water AGAIN?
(Yes,it used a different move now)
(Btw,u can chat hereSmile
Im tryin 2 post screenie but it no upload 2 list:{
Link so frustrating that it led 2 ban Angry
I cant make it clickable therefore costing posts and it cost me a ban Angry Dodgy
Sad Angry So frustrating
Dodgy Angry Dodgy Angry same with screenies.
Angry Dodgy Dodgy Angry
I'm trying to post a screenshot, but it won't let me add it to the list

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