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Rules update suggestion
Revision 1.1.

Quote:1. General Rules:

1.1. Using any kind of bot, software or tool to farm monsters, gold etc. is strictly prohibited.

1.2. Buying or selling gold, monsters, and/or items for real money is strictly prohibited. Those found selling for real money will be permanently banned from the game immediately.
1.2.1. To prevent the permanent ban, you're required to donate an equal amount to the game.

1.3. Username and game profile avatar is prohibited to contain curses, sexual content, racism, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate persons, offenses, provocations and/or slurs. Impersonation of Moderators is also prohibited.
1.3.1. Player with prohibited username and/or profile avatar will be banned from chat and will be given a single warning to change username and/or profile avatar within next 24 hours. Refusing to do so will result in deletion of offending player's account.

2. Chat Rules:


2.1. Advertising competitor (sites which are similar to PPets or M3O, excluding Nintendo's property) or harmful sites, mocking PPets, M3O or their owner, any conversation about drugs or alcohol, and sexual content is strictly prohibited.

2.2. You are prohibited to swear (in any form, including of using acronyms that contain swearing), bypass chat's word filter, flame, harass, incite anger, flirt or ask to become a Moderator.

2.3. Any topic prone to create arguments is to be dropped once it has lost all reason.
2.3.1. If a moderator says, that a topic needs to be dropped, it must be dropped immediately!

2.4. Sharing your personal information (your age, name, phone number, email address, home address etc.) is prohibited, even if it's fake!
2.4.1. Sharing on your own risk is not an excuse!

2.5. Begging or asking for free monsters, gold or items is prohibited.

3. Spam Rules:

3.1. Market/Shop, Bazaar and service advertisements outside Trade Chat, or related conversations outside PM or Random Chat are prohibited.


3.2. Posting messages that consist of nonsense or button mashing (e.g. w1ei!4gux, bbbbbbb), or repeatedly posting the same statement, is prohibited.

3.3. Role playing is prohibited.

4. Global Chat:

4.1. Global chat is English only.
4.1.1. Foreign greetings are allowed in Global Chat.
4.1.2. Using a foreign language to explain that Global Chat is English only, is allowed.
4.1.3. Use your Local Chat or Random Chat for talking in your native language.

5. Trade Chat:

5.1. Trade Chat is only for Market/Shop, Bazaar and service advertisements.
5.1.1. Use PM or Random Chat for related conversations.

6. Guild Advertisements Chat:

6.1. Guild Advertisements Chat is only for guild advertisements and related conversations.

7. Guild Chat:

7.1. The Guild Leader states what's allowed and what isn't, but must still respect General and Chat Rules.

8. Moderator Rules:

8.1. Moderators must stay updated on the rules.
8.1.1. All Moderators are to follow the rules at all times. Repeated failure to do so will result in loss of the title.

8.2. A CM's job is to ensure no rules are broken while they're online.
8.2.1. SCMs are to watch on CMs as well. GAs are to watch on SCMs and CMs.

8.3. Provoking players to break rules or any kind of power abuse in any way, is strictly prohibited. Moderators must use careful judgment at all times.

8.4. Sharing of Moderator account or contents of Staff Members Chat is strictly prohibited.

9. Other:

9.1. Use caution when lending gold, items and/or monsters to other players: if they do not return, it is your own fault.

9.2. Moderators are not responsible if your account is fished or hacked because you used a link in chat or PM.

9.3. You are responsible for your accounts activities. Blaming other people (e.g. family, friends, classmates etc.) is not an excuse for breaking the rules; you will still be held accountable. Public places like school, library, work etc, are also no exception.
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