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1: Every player get a unique referral link. This unique link is regular register link and addition of ?a={userId}

2: You will see your referral link in here :

3: Copy your link and share literally everywhere you can. With this way, you can get as many as possible referred players and thus more Gold Medals

4: Alternatively when other players are registering, they can enter your userId or UserName in the register page

5: You will gain 1 Gold Medal from the each referred player when the players you referred reaches certain point in the game

6: When the players you referred reaches (300+ battle victory count and 6 or more badges) or (1000+ battle victory count), you will be able to claim your Gold Medal reward

7: All statistics about your referrals will be displayed in referral page

8: You can also see all statistics of other players referred players in their user profile page at the bottom

9: Gold medals can be used in Reward Shop:
i still cant figure out how to refer people
i tryed to refer someone but i couldnt. the link took me to the registration page and i couldnt refer anyone it seemed without making another account. how do i refer people and not make another account?
I attempted to recommend someone but failed. The link directed me to the registration page, where it appeared that I had to create a new account in order to suggest someone. How can I recommend someone without creating a new account?
I just can't seem to get the hang of referring folks.
I couldnt refer anyone it seemed without making another account
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