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Random idea's (10)
1. Regions
2. Commands ( /encounters /weeklyexp /faq etc
3. E4 shop/Buy special held items
4. Character customization ( Dif. Pokemon items /Wings/Hats/Mounts/Etc.
5. Breeding 
6. Event/Move tutors
7. CP/ competitive points/gain CP during pvp (buy special items)
8. Surf Mounts
9. 2v2/4v4 Pvp battles (team pvp battles)
10. Chests, Random chest spawn in areas containing items and gold (Must need treasure key)
good ideas but it takes time and resources to add new things
I was literally wondering about this today. Always love the character customization feature. Really under-house functionality is very costly
agree idea
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Graveyard machanic

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